Kindles Enter a Primary School in Ghana to Awaken Students’ Reading Skills



Who said students in Africa are lagging behind in the race to obtain quality education? The Suhum Primary school in Ghana has received digital assistance from the charity Worldleader who has provided kindles to its students. Owing to poor literacy and constant lack of textbooks, kindles were provided in good numbers in the school that can grab the opportunity to help its students study with more interest and pleasure.



Kindles brought peace to Ghana’s Suhum Primary school

No one imagined that such a typical Ghanaian school would be given a brilliant opportunity to enhance its academic standards. The Suhum Primary school has been through years of struggle for failing to provide constant supply of textbooks, which in turn has resulted in poor literacy among students. Where chaos and disorder used to dominate in this school, the introduction of kindles now has brought drastic changes the scenario. Students are now found to take their classes quietly and read books they love.

Students’ reading habits polished through kindles

Kindles indeed have brought massive changes in the study habits of students. Earlier, ‘reading’ was considered to be a typical strategy to educate students here in the classrooms of this Ghanaian school. Now, it seems that the students here are taking absolute pleasure in perfectly reading English stories from their e-readers and that too with soft accents.

An 8-year student, Jessie, who studies in Ghana’s Suhum Primary School, says, “The reader makes things better. It helps me to read and spell. Now it’s easier for my parents to help me with my homework, because I always have the books I need.”

The Worldleader’s initiative has been grand

As part of the Worldreader’s iRead 2 programme, the kindles were distributed in the Suhum Primary School in Ghana. After discovering that children have been deprived of the opportunity to read, the initiative to implement kindles was taken. Since they were not so fragile and not very dependent on connectivity just like laptops and tablets, it was decided to make kindles an integral part of this Ghana project.

Despite scoring high in democratic stability and economic growth, Ghana’s rural areas have always remained poor. Now, the Worldleader brings kindles to around 3,600 students at 10 schools in Ghana. Rather, this initiative has been so successful that students have reported that their reading abilities have improved a lot. Martha, one of the students, said, “I couldn’t read very well before – I had to share a textbook at school and I could never take it home. I think all children should have one of these.”

Kindles motivate students

Kofi Sem Michael, one of the teachers supported the fact that e-readers are really helpful in motivating students. These learning gadgets are so effective that can make classrooms exciting. He adds, “Everyone has their own book, we can give them reading assignments and they are able to do them.” On the other hand, it has been found that it’s not only this Ghanaian primary school producing good results but other schools have also reported that their students have attained an average speed of reading 5 words per minute.

So, technology is playing a crucial role to enhance the academic standards of African nations. In fact, the time has now come to get rid of books and instead use kindles or e-readers to have new learning experiences. With time moreover, schools, colleges and universities will be introducing more and more exclusive learning tools with the intention to give new learning ambiances to career aspirants.

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UK-Based Distance Learning Courses Accelerate Nigerian Future Glory



Education has always been an instrument of empowerment for Nigerian population. And, the country is not lagging behind, at all, in exploring the latest educational developments. Online learning is one of the most innovative ideas education has ever developed, and which Nigeria is up to exploit fully.

The reason for taking up this latest educational approach is quite clear. On the one hand, online education enables Nigerian students to make ways to international universities through distance learning courses, and on the other hand, sitting at the peaceful environment of home these students prepare themselves for globally lucrative jobs.



Technologically Advanced Learning

With simply having a PC or tablet and an internet connection Nigerian students can reach out to the classrooms of world’s best universities carrying legacy of past and excellence of present, say, UK universities. A simple click on mouse gives them access to best classrooms of prestigious UK universities.

Cost-friendly Learning

Yes, it may sound unbelievable, but technology and Nigerian governmental initiatives have made it possible for students of Nigeria to get international education in most affordable price. When cost of higher education is growing to the limits of impossibility worldwide, online UK distance learning courses bring a whole new educational experience for Nigerian students for some nominal monitory investments.

Job-Centric Education

Online distance education features some incredible benefits by its own virtue. And, when this virtue is consolidated by eminence of UK educational excellence students can obviously expect some phenomenal achievements. UK universities involve global industrial leaders and prominent employers in designing their distance learning courses, so that students can be benefited by truly job-centric education.

Practical & Theoretical Knowledge All at the Same Time

Besides, these distance courses come with so great length of flexibility in schedule that students get affluent scopes to invest their spare time into some relevant full-time jobs, doing which they not only become financially strong enough to sponsor their own study, but also experientially potent enough to impress employers when they step into their job search. Many students are seen to take some apprenticeships beside their convenient schedule for study.

Freedom of Study

The greatest flexibility of online study with UK universities is the 24/7 availability of online tutors whom students can contact as per their convenient time for any study related assistance. Also, they can access their study materials online, whenever they wish to. This gives the students an unparallel convenience of learning which is completely on their own terms.

World Masters’ Views

UK university-based distance learning courses are not just peerless in their content, as excellence has been ascribed on them by the world, but also they provide their students to get expert advice from industrial gurus whose suggestions and experience enrich online students. These masters of industry give their knowledge depth and dignity, and with these matchless expert advices Nigerian distance learners make their high claim for the best jobs in the global industry.

Nigeria has indeed started its rise to a successful future where students will surely make the country proud with unprecedented achievements, and UK distance education is paving their way to a glorious tomorrow.

10 EdTech Tips Nigerian Students Should Follow to Stay Updated with Technology


Education is not anymore limited to the usual process of learning and teaching that has been happening for the ages. Now, education is something that is equally creative as technologically developed it is. Educators must employ this technologically innovative ideas and tools to incorporate numerous benefits into education, so that learning and teaching can explore variety of opportunities around them.

There are a great number of education technology tools that should be thoroughly brought into practice for a more enjoyable and comprehensive learning styles. Students of Nigeria should be aware of them and must include them in their learning process. To understand their real benefits let us have a thorough look at them:



Writinghouse helps generating citations and enables users to create citations and bibliographies in expected formats needed for any document. This tool makes writing job much easier by instantly using perfect referencing style. Extensive use of this tool not only creates textbook proofs more easily, but also enables learners to have perfect style format according to their needs. Students, teachers as well as academicians will be immensely benefited in their respective writing tasks.



Edmodo can be said to have the coolest feature of virtual learning collaboration with social media. Some people might grow sceptical about social media in education, but actually this website is very useful for educational purposes. This tool can be used for customised classrooms where teaching style would be more advanced and effective.

Cool Math


Cool Math is a website that offers a collection of safe fun games to be used in the classroom environment to make exercises of mathematics more interesting for the students. Not only mathematics, but this website also helps teaching subjects like science, geography etc as well.

Fun Brain


Fun Brain can initially appear to you a portal of computer games, but actually it is an online games portal featuring real educational value. Teachers and students both can take the enjoyment of this site. Using flash cards you can also cover a specific subject being taught in the classroom.








Designed by San Francisco’s Museum of Science, Art and Human Participation, Exploratorium is a website where technology makes the study of complex subjects like science even easier. Use of this tool helps students grow interests in the matter of science.



Another technological tool, HowStuffWorks is one of the most famous educational websites, featuring countless number of videos, articles and illustrations to provide backups to students and educators equally.



Very popular among high school and college students, HippoCampus gives access of high quality, free multimedia contents on variety of subjects. It elucidates critical matters in a lucid and comprehensible way.



Weebly enables educators to compose classroom blog and site to communicate with students as well as parents. Students in turn can also create sites using this platform.



Scratch is another useful online tool with which learners can programme their own games, animations and interactive stories and share them with communities. This programme prepares young students to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.



Schoology is a learning management system and a social network with which educators can create academic contents and easily share them with students.

These online tools make education more up-to-date and convenient. Besides, applying these tools in learning as well as teaching process education becomes more creative and really worth experiencing.

Online Education is Highly Beneficial for Nigerian Students



As education has become one of the most crucial aspects of life these days, one can’t imagine life without it. It has become the key to a successful career and essential for earning a livelihood that will take care of all necessities. However, one must continue their higher education, in order to earn a college degree, that will which fetch them better jobs. Students in developing nations like Nigeria, usually start working right after they pass out of school as most don’t have an option.

Nigeria does have good colleges but as they are not funded by the government, the colleges don’t run properly. Politics has taken a toll on the education system, harming it in ways more than one. Also, most colleges are understaffed and over populated. The teachers, much like labourers, often go on strikes, which hampers classes. However, technology has saved Nigerian students as more than half the population these days resort to online education. Renowned colleges and universities from all over the world provide online study programmes which help students achieve undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Recently, Intel launched a solution of education that will help learners in Nigeria, access low-cost and free resources of digital learning. The education solution, Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace, has been launched and is designed is such a way, so as to help learners of various age groups. Learners can benefit from this education solution through learning materials that are interactive like books, instruction videos, examination papers and podcasts.

The education solution was launched in Lagos and is supposed to help students at elementary and advanced education levels. According to the country manager of Intel West Africa, Bunmi Ekundare, the education solution will benefit students as well as education community stakeholders, like parents and teachers.



For us at Intel, we are not just focused on emerging technologies but also on the best way to deploy these technologies to ensure that it is relevant to all stakeholders involved.” – Bunmi Ekundare, country manager, Intel West Africa.

Intel has collaborated with an African organisation, Rancard, for this project. Rancard is an organisation that offers software that is cloud-based for content delivery and discovery for mobile use. Ekundare has also said that collaborations with content developers and government educational institutions to strengthen the project. They have identified Nigeria’s problem with education and have also noticed that education through online means is the best solution to these problems. Students can gain massively through these means and earn that much needed college degree.



“We recognise education as a major challenge across the continent and believe the platform we have deployed together with Intel for the African market is an important step in solving this challenge, equipping both educators and content creators with the tools they need to create and distribute high quality educational content.” – Ehizogie Binitie, co-founder and chief technology officer, Rancard

With these new educational tools and online study programmes, students in Nigeria are bound to do well for themselves and achieve success.

MOOC Targets High as the Demand Rises

MOOC, a phenomenal opportunity




MOOC is a comparatively new online learning phenomenon that has developed quite fast from what it was five years ago. MOOC is a household name now with considerable media attention and major interest from higher learning institutions. Observing the growing reputation, the venture capitalists are considering it as a lucrative business opportunity to be exploited properly. MOOC can be seen as an an extended version of the existing distance learning approaches through online with regard to free access to courses and convenience; it also comes with an opportunity to think afresh. This new education system is eager to learn from the introducing business models targeting customers comparatively new to the market; also planning working under new policies to approach a diverse environment.

Online Courses planning further goals



“Solving the education problem is a significant challenge and one that requires concerted effort,” Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller said a few days ago. He also added that “If Udacity [and edX] want to go in another direction, I think it’s useful that people are exploring different areas.” Coursera surprised the entire education industry last week by revealing the explosive news of investing another twenty million dollar for open online courses. This moves the amount of total investment to over sixty million dollar. According to Coursera, open online courses have massive opportunities in the market worldwide, now and in near future. But to exploit them appropriately, the system needs to emerge more strongly with more convenient options and try reaching farther. To reach those targets solid investment is required.

Distance learning system matures 

The system that started providing knowledge since the ending of twentieth century has never been so popular among the students. The technological developments over the last few years and the advent of the internet that made all kind of information accessible to the people worldwide helped learners to gain the news about the latest improvements taking place in the education industry. These developments have helped the distance learning system to emerge as a more rational way of acquiring and providing knowledge. For example, billions of dollars have been invested to enrich corporate e-learning and today it has become mandatory training for many companies.   

MOOC offers an engaging learning format 

Learners interested about higher education are more enthusiastic about massive open online courses as they seem to be more helpful according to the news and reviews. Students completed MOOCs say their user friendly format is the biggest attraction. MOOCs, have always strived hard to rope in world-class instructors and exploit the technical advancement to offer more engaging programmes to the learners; so their classes with video instruction that they used from the beginning drew attention of the worldwide learners toward this fresh education system.

MOOCs growing to offer more

Although people opting for online education have varied range of reactions regarding the classes on internet, curiosity for MOOCs has always been common and is increasing every day. Access to quality material and innovative ways of gaining shared learning experiences are the most important ones among the many benefits that open online courses include. Most studies confirm that learners experienced MOOC own skill and aptitude in social networking via internet, helpful technical ideas, work management qualities and many other skills essential to the recent people but haven’t been widely shared so far. With millions of students applying for their courses and providers investing more efforts to allow it to be more effective, MOOCs are heading toward making a history for sure.