10 EdTech Tips Nigerian Students Should Follow to Stay Updated with Technology



Education is not anymore limited to the usual process of learning and teaching that has been happening for the ages. Now, education is something that is equally creative as technologically developed it is. Educators must employ this technologically innovative ideas and tools to incorporate numerous benefits into education, so that learning and teaching can explore variety of opportunities around them.

There are a great number of education technology tools that should be thoroughly brought into practice for a more enjoyable and comprehensive learning styles. Students of Nigeria should be aware of them and must include them in their learning process. To understand their real benefits let us have a thorough look at them:




Writinghouse helps generating citations and enables users to create citations and bibliographies in expected formats needed for any document. This tool makes writing job much easier by instantly using perfect referencing style. Extensive use of this tool not only creates textbook proofs more easily, but also enables learners to have perfect style format according to their needs. Students, teachers as well as academicians will be immensely benefited in their respective writing tasks.




Edmodo can be said to have the coolest feature of virtual learning collaboration with social media. Some people might grow sceptical about social media in education, but actually this website is very useful for educational purposes. This tool can be used for customised classrooms where teaching style would be more advanced and effective.

Cool Math



Cool Math is a website that offers a collection of safe fun games to be used in the classroom environment to make exercises of mathematics more interesting for the students. Not only mathematics, but this website also helps teaching subjects like science, geography etc as well.

Fun Brain



Fun Brain can initially appear to you a portal of computer games, but actually it is an online games portal featuring real educational value. Teachers and students both can take the enjoyment of this site. Using flash cards you can also cover a specific subject being taught in the classroom.









Designed by San Francisco’s Museum of Science, Art and Human Participation, Exploratorium is a website where technology makes the study of complex subjects like science even easier. Use of this tool helps students grow interests in the matter of science.




Another technological tool, HowStuffWorks is one of the most famous educational websites, featuring countless number of videos, articles and illustrations to provide backups to students and educators equally.




Very popular among high school and college students, HippoCampus gives access of high quality, free multimedia contents on variety of subjects. It elucidates critical matters in a lucid and comprehensible way.




Weebly enables educators to compose classroom blog and site to communicate with students as well as parents. Students in turn can also create sites using this platform.




Scratch is another useful online tool with which learners can programme their own games, animations and interactive stories and share them with communities. This programme prepares young students to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.




Schoology is a learning management system and a social network with which educators can create academic contents and easily share them with students.

These online tools make education more up-to-date and convenient. Besides, applying these tools in learning as well as teaching process education becomes more creative and really worth experiencing.


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