UK-Based Distance Learning Courses Accelerate Nigerian Future Glory



Education has always been an instrument of empowerment for Nigerian population. And, the country is not lagging behind, at all, in exploring the latest educational developments. Online learning is one of the most innovative ideas education has ever developed, and which Nigeria is up to exploit fully.

The reason for taking up this latest educational approach is quite clear. On the one hand, online education enables Nigerian students to make ways to international universities through distance learning courses, and on the other hand, sitting at the peaceful environment of home these students prepare themselves for globally lucrative jobs.



Technologically Advanced Learning

With simply having a PC or tablet and an internet connection Nigerian students can reach out to the classrooms of world’s best universities carrying legacy of past and excellence of present, say, UK universities. A simple click on mouse gives them access to best classrooms of prestigious UK universities.

Cost-friendly Learning

Yes, it may sound unbelievable, but technology and Nigerian governmental initiatives have made it possible for students of Nigeria to get international education in most affordable price. When cost of higher education is growing to the limits of impossibility worldwide, online UK distance learning courses bring a whole new educational experience for Nigerian students for some nominal monitory investments.

Job-Centric Education

Online distance education features some incredible benefits by its own virtue. And, when this virtue is consolidated by eminence of UK educational excellence students can obviously expect some phenomenal achievements. UK universities involve global industrial leaders and prominent employers in designing their distance learning courses, so that students can be benefited by truly job-centric education.

Practical & Theoretical Knowledge All at the Same Time

Besides, these distance courses come with so great length of flexibility in schedule that students get affluent scopes to invest their spare time into some relevant full-time jobs, doing which they not only become financially strong enough to sponsor their own study, but also experientially potent enough to impress employers when they step into their job search. Many students are seen to take some apprenticeships beside their convenient schedule for study.

Freedom of Study

The greatest flexibility of online study with UK universities is the 24/7 availability of online tutors whom students can contact as per their convenient time for any study related assistance. Also, they can access their study materials online, whenever they wish to. This gives the students an unparallel convenience of learning which is completely on their own terms.

World Masters’ Views

UK university-based distance learning courses are not just peerless in their content, as excellence has been ascribed on them by the world, but also they provide their students to get expert advice from industrial gurus whose suggestions and experience enrich online students. These masters of industry give their knowledge depth and dignity, and with these matchless expert advices Nigerian distance learners make their high claim for the best jobs in the global industry.

Nigeria has indeed started its rise to a successful future where students will surely make the country proud with unprecedented achievements, and UK distance education is paving their way to a glorious tomorrow.


Lucrative Career Opportunities Of Online Telecommunication Degrees From UK University

Telecommunication is one of the major and rapidly evolving sectors in present times. The day to day life of human beings depends a lot on the communication process. Telecommunication services include relay of text and voice messages on networks. The idea in the core of telecommunication services is to transmitting messages between different destinations. With a continued growth, evolution and change, telecommunication industry influences the human life in the entire process.

Furthermore, study of telecommunication degrees has expanded to include online distance learning. Such development has made it easier for more students to acquire quality education without any need to physically relocate to traditional campus.

There are many colleges and universities providing opportunities to interested students in making a career in telecommunication sector. These online colleges and universities offer a wide range of degree options including certificate programs, bachelor degree courses and master’s degree courses. You can study for online telecommunication degrees from UK University and build a strong career in the desired sector.

With the advancement in the technologies, telecommunication professionals rely heavily on online distance learning courses to hone up their technical skills and keep their training up-to-dated.

Working professionals having full time job commitments find it reasonable to study online telecommunication courses. By holding an online telecommunication degree students can pursue other related careers including computer programming, computer software engineering, telecommunications system managing and communication line and equipment installing.

Career Opportunities With a Telecommunication Degree :

Online telecommunication degrees provide several career options to students. Here are a few career options with a telecommunication degree.

Telecommunications Systems Manager

Telecommunication system managers are responsible to develop, modify and monitor different telecommunication systems. As the technology is constantly evolving and developing, it is essential for telecommunication managers to keep themselves updated on the latest advancements in the sector. While a bachelor degree is sufficient for some, master’s degree can help the big dreamers. Job prospects are enhanced after becoming specialised in certain areas like converged networks or advanced technologies. Telecommunication managers also supervise team of system analysts.

Consumer Service Representative

A consumer service representative requires dealing with existing telecommunication customers. Billing, interactions regarding products and services, sales and other things include their daily work. They prefer to email or contact through phone with their customers. A likable disposition and friendly behaviour is the key to become good consumer service representative. They should understand and solve the issues being faced by consumers.

Computer Software Engineers

Computer software engineers are responsible to develop and upgrade the technology. They strive hard to bring new and innovative technologies in the market. Software engineers put in great efforts to enable business and organisations grow on all the fronts. They come up with new technologies to simplify their tasks to a greater extent.

 So, you can enrol in UK University to study telecommunication degree. UK Universities’ degree courses are globally accredited and attract millions of students from around the world.





Part Time Online Courses Now Offered By UK Universities

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Distance learning part time courses are gaining popularity all over the world because they are helping students and working professionals get an undergraduate degree which helps them get better jobs or do better in their current jobs. These courses are popular in countries like Nigeria where the educational infrastructure is too weak to support higher education.

According to a few studies conducted the following stats were gathered.

“69% of the part-time undergraduates have acquired supreme confidence at work and have even come up with impressive job performances. Out of them, 29% of the students have received pleasant hikes in their pay packages while 28% have got promotion.”


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This means that students who take up part time courses are doing well in the job field. These days, taking a student loan for people who study part time has become easy because they do not have to repay them till they get a salary of 21,000 British Pounds, annually. Online part time courses are easy to study because of the internet that can be accessed in any corner of the world. Online distance learning also has fabulous benefits that help in the work field.

Flexibility to Learn

As these online courses can be learnt keeping convenience in mind, you can study and work at the same time. After working for over eight hours at office it is impossible for you to attend class, however, with online part time courses you can study after you get back from work, comfortably from your home.

Chance To Study at UK Universities

Many universities in UK are providing part time courses for students who cannot afford to study full time. As UK University degrees are recognised all over the world, therefore these degrees will be beneficial for students who need a degree for better jobs.

Acquire New Skills

Online part time courses enable you to acquire various new skills that will help you in your workplace. One such important skill is communication.

These part time online courses help students save money on books with the availability of e-textbooks and also help them to start earning well.



With the growing demand of online education and distance learning programmes, UK has become one of the popular educational hubs for the students around the world.  Excellent teaching skills, educational facilities, flexibilities and the quality of education that students get here are incomparable and known around the world.  Many recognized universities have started offering online courses to students living in distant places. The number of students coming from distant countries has always been growing and students from China, India, Greece, Nigeria, Germany and Caribbean etc. are coming in increasing number.


Cost of UK Degree

The educational cost is lower in UK in compare to other international universities in the world. The degrees take less time to complete so students can save a lot of money. Most of the degree programmes are designed for three years than four years everywhere else. A master degree programme typically stretches from one to two year. So you have to pay the fee for short period. Though the cost of living may be higher in UK, the online education comes as a savior to the students who reside in different parts of the world.


Scholarship Facilities

Financing an international degree could be difficult for students living developing countries. They need to analyze their budget, look for easily accessible educational loans and apply for scholarship programmes offered by these universities. You should also compare the cost of education offered by these universities. Students may also continue working while pursuing the course and fund their studies.


Online Degree from UK

Distance learning in UK is helping students in shaping their future in the right direction. The worldwide expansion of online education encourages students to fulfill their unfinished education and improve their career prospects. UK Universities have good reputation in the international market. Their candidates are well paid and get good placement. Being an international degree, it opens the door of international market for students. Many undergraduate students seek for higher educational degrees.

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Employers, globally, prefer candidates with online degrees for they have experience and degree both. Working professionals also want to pursue higher education in order to get promotion and hike. With the growing job market, Distance learning in UK is helping students in building a secured future. Varied courses ranging from diploma to undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral degrees are offered in UK. These courses are cheaper as well as flexible.

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Online courses are no less than the mainstream education and it has been predicted that the number of graduates and enrolling students will rise gradually and more and more opportunities will be created.

UK Universities now Provide Fabulous Online Courses

World renowned universities from UK are now offering various kinds of distance learning online courses to students who reside in ‘educationally’ backward countries like Nigeria. Due to political disturbances, the educational infrastructure of Nigeria is weak and damaged. However, students from these countries can now study in college without having to cross borders. Distance learning courses offered by UK Universities are preferred by most students as online UK degrees are recognised globally.

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Here is a look at few of the courses that are provided by UK Universities and their features.

Some of the undergraduate courses provided are:

• Law
• Finance
• Business
• Management
• Marketing
• Business Computing
• Graphic Design
• Psychology
• Health and Social Care
• Tourism and many more.

If you want to study Law so that you can get a better understanding of legal principles, you can take this three year course and earn your LLB. Since this is a part-time course, you can also finish it in six years. The students should have three ‘A’ level passes, which are good or equivalents. Also, they must have an IELTS score of at least 6.0 if their first language is not English.

For a degree in Finance, a student needs, two good ‘A’ level passes or an equivalent, they should complete an Access Programme (or an equivalent) and get at least 6.0 in their IELTS if English was not their first language. This course will help students develop skills in financial accounting.

For a degree in Business the requirements are more or less the same as the Finance course. The course will help them acquire good skills in business disciplines, along with the understanding and application. These courses can be completed in three to six years.

For a degree in Marketing, again, the requirements are more or less the same as the Finance course. The course will help the students develop proper understanding of marketing strategy and planning and marketing communication. Again, the course can be finished in three to six years.

For a degree in Graphic Design, students require two good subjects in their A Levels or GCE or they should complete their Access Programme. A score of 6.0 in IELTS if first is not English. Work experience is required if qualifications are not met and should provide sample of their creative work.

The qualification criteria in all subjects vary from college to college but these are the basic features of online UK University courses. Post graduation courses are also provided by some universities but eligibility criteria must be met.

How Online Learning is getting better Day after Day?

The impact of online education has been quite dramatic in the last few years. With the initiation of a good number of internet services and learning software applications, education has indeed acquired a new meaning and significance. At present, the internet has been playing an active role in making people not only accomplish their work targets but career objectives as well. In fact, it has been found statistically that a good percentage of people have showed exceptional responses towards online learning owing to its flexibility and convenience. Compared to traditional learning, this advanced from of learning lets an individual grasp lessons with ease and interest.

Online Learning has improved a lot theses days

Online learning in today’s world has proved to be quite valuable for employers. With this option, the majority of them do not hesitate to allow their respective employees pursue higher studies besides working. The provision of internet along with a wide range of technically enriched gadgets moreover has almost eclipsed the compulsion of attending classes on a daily basis. In fact, individuals residing at remote locations are taking huge advantage of online learning from reputed UK Universities and are easily meeting their academic goals right from their own homes.

In today’s digital world, books are gradually losing their importance. Technology has given rise to the digital content distribution systems through which people can now access their study materials through their mobile phones. Gone are those days when people used to wait for the courier service for receiving study materials from their respective institutions. Rather, a huge number of students have turned dependent on social media that is letting them pursue courses in a new fashion.