What Are The Benefits Of Online Learning In Nigeria?

We all are aware of the importance of education and we also know that each one of us has the right to enjoy an equally resourceful education environment. But in Nigeria, things are a bit difficult. There the learners are not able to enjoy quality education and there are a lot of reasons behind such an awful state.

The primary reason behind such pathetic education condition in Nigeria is because of the fact that there is inadequate financial support from the government. In the statistics of 1997 and 2000, it has been shown that the federal government have spent below 10% on education in Nigeria of the overall expenses. This is indeed shocking, isn’t it? We all know that every government should allow a steady flow of fund in preserving and maintaining proper education system of the country. But this was never the case in Nigeria.

In 2013, the government has, however, tried to do something for the betterment of the education system of the country. It promised billions of naira for the education sector as the Governor is really keen on improving the education scenario of Nigeria.

How Online Education Can Help?

Photo Credit: goo.gl/rVhFY3

Photo Credit: goo.gl/rVhFY3

Online education comes as a ray of hope for those who want to get an uninterrupted education experience, that too under a reputed university at a much lower cost. Due to the worst situation of universities in Nigeria, it is evident that a lot of students are slowly becoming aware of the importance of online learning.

There are a lot of advantages which an online learner can avail:

  • Flexibility: As the online courses can be carried out from home, the learners can enjoy flexible time schedules. He/ She can go through the online course materials whenever he/she is free. This kind of flexibility in studies is necessary for the learners who are also working professionals.
  • Affordability: The online courses are usually much affordable than that of a regular one. The online learners can save their conveyance costs, lodging costs and even they will not have to buy the study materials as well. Also, the online course fee is much lower than that of a regular one.
  • Globalisation: Being an online learner, a student can interact with different other learners from all over the globe. This makes learning easier as well as interesting as everyone incorporates their ideas about a certain topic. This kind of globalised learning isn’t possible in a classroom which consists of only a few learners.

A Few Benefits of Online Education in Nigeria

When I talk about online education, I make sure that my readers aren’t attracted towards any kind of online degree which is available on the internet. As a learner, one should make thorough research about the degree before applying to the same. There are a lot of benefits of online distance learning and a learner can enjoy it only when it is given by a reputed distance learning provider.

UK has been the educational hub for many years and a degree from UK is respected worldwide. Hence, an online degree from a well-known UK university can make dreams come true for the learners in Nigeria:

  • An online degree from a reputed UK university allows the student to save 60% of his/her overall course fees.
  • Excellent educators who are present 24*7 to help their learners. The learners can get in touch with them via phone, emails, video chats all throughout the day, whenever they are in doubt regarding a subject.
  • The online degrees will be accredited by the most reputed awarding bodies which in turn make the degrees equally important and relevant as the regular ones.

There is no doubt about the fact that the education system of Nigeria needs serious renovation. The government must be trying hard to do something relevant for the betterment of the situation, but why should the learners waste time till then? They can always carry forward their career goals by applying for an online degree of their choice from UK, thereby negating all the obstacles which are probable on their way in attaining the same from a regular Nigerian college/university.

Earn an MBA in Nigeria without Compromising with Your Day-today Lifestyle

Postgraduate degrees have become quite essential for bagging lucrative job offers in the present times. Employers all over the world look to hire the candidates holding master’s degrees. An undergraduate or college degree no more guarantees a well paying job. In order to get a good salaried job, one must walk the extra mile and earn a master’s degree. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the degree programme that career enthusiasts from across the world contemplate to enrol in.

Full Time MBA At On-Campus Institutions Is Not Easy For Everybody

Photo Credit: goo.gl/TL4btD

Photo Credit: goo.gl/TL4btD

However, everybody is not fortunate enough to get enrolled in a full time MBA programme at traditional brick and mortar business schools. As a large number of prospective students work in order to financially support their families, seeking admission in full time MBA programmes can be a bit tough to them. Moreover, a large proportion of such students dwell in the countries where education infrastructure is in poor state, like Nigeria. Students in such countries do not have plenty of options to choose from thus good jobs elude them for a long time.

Online Mbas Have Made Earning Higher Qualifications Easier

Students and working professionals in these countries are now able to study different postgraduate programmes, including MBAs, online. With the advent of technology, accessing the MBA programme has become relatively easier than ever before. Online learning medium has made it easy for working professionals to obtain higher qualifications like MBAs, without quitting their jobs. There are several colleges and universities offering online MBA by distance learning in Nigeria and allowing students to learn while they earn.

Online MBA Courses Must Be Accredited Through Recognised Accreditation Agencies

However, one must be careful while choosing an online MBA course because several diploma mills are out there to cheat you with unrecognised degrees. Students must do proper research about the accreditation of colleges and degree programmes being offered to the students. One must keep in mind that the MBA degree has no worth and only an ordinary piece of paper, if not accredited.

Doing A Background Check Of MBA Course Is Necessary

Hence, doing a reality check is advised before picking up your university and MBA course. Look out for the career prospects of passed out students and where they are currently placed at. You should also check out how many students have enlisted in the MBA programme prior to you and go through the university’s archive to know how the students faired at the university and job market.

You should settle on the perfect distance learning MBA programme format only after going through the entire details. Find out whether the format fits well to your lifestyle and work timings. As employers only recognise the accredited degrees, you must know if your university or college is duly certified with the recognised accreditation agency.

Therefore, choose a MBA programme with a specialisation to fulfil your career dreams and make it big in the professional sector.

Distance Learning, Gaining Massive Popularity around the World within Quick Time

Distance education is a convenient method of learning as well as teaching. It has rightly emerged as a blessing to the learners who do not want to shift their location and quit working. The quality of distance education in the recent past has improved to a great extent, making it easy for both the educators and learners to settle themselves in the changing environment of internet and technology. Learning through distance involves various modes of teaching including audio-visual mode. According to some studies, if learners spend around 2 to 3 hours on each credit per week, they can easily complete the entire course requirements.

Online learning has gained massive popularity around the world within a short span of time. This learning mode is popular in different regions of the world because of different reasons.

The most striking benefit of distance learning is that students have the luxury of continuing their studies from the home country even when they are enrolled in a foreign university degree. Students do not need to travel to foreign locations, so there is no need to apply for student’s visa. Students are able to save lots of time and other resources.

Online Study Materials For Students

The entire study material required for successfully completing the respective distance learning programme is made available to you on the internet. The study materials are easily accessed from anywhere and at point of time with the use of internet connection. Dissimilar to the traditional classroom teaching, online learning is all about personal pace and intensity. These are the self-paced programs and one can quickly go through the courses at their own pace to learn the new skills.

Most online learning courses allow students to take part and view the comments of other students in online bulletin board discussion. It gives you a feel of attending live lecture in the classroom although you are accessing it through your personal gadgets.

People With Limited Physical Abilities Can Earn Higher Qualifications Now

People with certain type of physical inabilities find online distance learning as a boon in their life. The injured, handicapped or elderly people can now learn and earn a higher education degree that they are deprived of. Other kind of population to be largely benefitted from distance education is stay at home mothers and housewives.

Distance Learning Is Ideal For Working Professionals

Photo Credit: goo.gl/U9kCdA

Photo Credit: goo.gl/U9kCdA

If you have irregular work schedules, online degree programme is a good option because of its greater pedigree of flexibility. These working professionals have the advantage of submitting their work assignments as and when they want to on the internet. Students must keep in mind a few important things before enrolling in a online learning course. Their careful research on the accredited colleges can bear the fruitful results in the future.

There are a few world famous institutions offering online learning programmes in different regions of the world, in different languages. They focus largely on peer learning classes, online discussions and chatting facilities, etc. So, if you want to make it big in your career without a great deal of hassle, enrolling in online courses is an ideal option to you.

Studying Master Degree Courses Online Is A Step towards Improving Career Prospects

When an individual earns a master degree under a recognised university, he/she is considered to have obtained extensive and advanced knowledge in either a professional field or any academic discipline. In other words, the one who earns a master degree holds complete authority on a specific subject which he/she takes it as a base for career development.

Photo Credit: goo.gl/yUUwJa

Photo Credit: goo.gl/yUUwJa

Although colleges and universities have been offering full-time master degree courses for years, the distance learning or online courses have gained equal importance on a global scale. Working professionals and students who do not get time to study in campuses either for keeping work commitments or meeting domestic responsibilities usually enrol in online master degree programmes. In fact, online courses are accredited just like those offered full-time in campuses and are even recognised by potential employers all over the world.

3 Factors That Make Online Master Degree Courses Beneficial In Today’s World

Affordability – Pursuing an online master degree course is extremely affordable in comparison to a full-time course. Since a distance learner is not required to pay extras for travelling and campus tuitions, he/she is required to pay a minimal course fee. Instead, one can enrol online in a master degree programme and work alongside with ease which in turn would keep him/her financially stable.

Employability – As far as the current employment scenario is concerned, employers now prefer hiring online master degree holders for their knowledge and understanding in working with complete independence. Moreover, there are several companies that recognise the needs and wants of their employees in terms of career prospects. This is why many working professionals enrol in online master degree courses and complete their higher studies to progress further in life.

Flexibility – Colleges and universities teaching full-time courses follow rigid curriculums that aren’t possible to be followed by those who work. So, online courses here score high in terms of flexibility and thus allow individuals to enrol from any corner of the world. In fact, online students take their own pace to complete modules as well as course assignments.

Considerations Before Choosing An Online Master Degree Course

Although it’s easy to choose a master degree course online, there are a few considerations that should always be kept in mind:

Accreditation – For an individual planning to take up a course online, accreditation is the initial consideration to be made at any cost. Unless you ensure that your online learning provider is globally accredited, you should never proceed with the enrolment process.

Faculty support – An online course is quite challenging. The distance learner is constantly required to interact with his/her instructors who also stand equally responsible for letting one complete a course without hassles. So, prior to enrolling in an online course, an individual must check whether the online learning institution is assuring considerable faculty support that includes interaction through discussion forums, attending live webinars, social networking and receiving constant feedback.

Course funding – It’s very important to check beforehand the course funding schemes offered by your online learning institution. Students who are financially challenged might initially enrol with a minimal amount. However, they might later get financially pressurised and might discontinue. Instead, if the online learning institution you choose has easy funding schemes, availing them will be easier for you to complete your course with ease.

Now, apart from these considerations and benefits of enrolling online in master degree courses, you can also gather more details by going through a master guide on distance learning courses that will help you improve your career prospects in future.

An Initiative By The UK Universities To Spread Online Higher Education

Some of the top universities in UK have started offering free online courses to anyone willing to study across the world.  The degree-level short courses in different streams including maths, science and technology will be offered by more than 20 leading educational institutions in the UK.


Photo Credit: goo.gl/Vbo1P3

The online hub FutureLearn, an initiative by the Open University, will make various degree-level short courses accessible to the students from across the world. Learners around the world can sign up for a course through the FutureLearn website and access the courses free of cost.

The aim of this initiative is to offer a wide range of higher education courses and content from the world famous universities, eminent educationalists and educational institutions. The courses and contents are available to the worldwide audience.

It is believed to be the first UK-based organisation to have started providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

So now students from the developing countries like Sub-Saharan Nigeria can study UK universities courses online, from the comfort of their own homes.

In the United States, with a number of established educational institutions like Yale, Princeton, Brown and Columbia offering different courses through the educational hubs like Coursera, MOOCs have already gained massive popularity among the students.

Martin Bean, Vice-chancellor, Open University, said, “Time and again we have seen the disruptive impact the internet can have on industries – driving innovation and enhancing the customer experience,” He adds, “I have no doubt MOOCs will do the same for education – offering people new and exciting ways to learn. This is why we took the initiative to join forces with a range of university and cultural partners to create FutureLearn – spearheading the UK’s response to the rise of MOOCs and offering students a new and innovative way to access courses.” (Source: goo.gl/RO7J44)

The chief executive of FutureLearn informed that the website had around 20,000 registered learners from 158 countries within the 24 hours of launch.

The world of online learning has broadened now with the MOOCs, which will make it easier for learners to find out about the latest developments in many subjects.

Distance Learning: Helping You Turn Your Home Into A Classroom

When people hear that you are completing your college degree through distance education, they raise many questions. “How is it possible to complete your college degree in your jammies?”, “Is the syllabus taught in traditional colleges same as the one taught through distance learning?” and various other queries are raised when people hear of distance education but there are few things that you should know very well before you decide to take up this convenient mode of education.

Photo Credit: goo.gl/JYLqiS

Photo Credit: goo.gl/JYLqiS

College degrees attained through distance education holds the same value as traditional college degrees. In fact, if you live in remote areas of your country and college is far away or if you are financially unstable, then you can maintain your daily schedule and study through distance education.

Not Everyone Understands This Mode Of Education

For many years education has been restricted to the four walls of a classroom and most people believe that this is the only way one can earn proper education. Distance education has turned the game around. Now students, anywhere in the world can study anytime, anywhere. Since distance learning now uses the online medium to spread education, a student only needs a computer and net connection to study. They no longer have to sit through boring lectures but can learn through innovative ways. Not only can you study for your degree but can also lead a normal social life and work a full time job.

Distance Learning Is Not Child’s Play, It Requires Discipline

Many people have the misconception that just because you get to study from home, studying online is extremely easy. However, distance learning studies from online universities require a lot of discipline and you need to follow a regular schedule. So, first chalk out when you can give time to studies, and schedule your programme accordingly. Unless you are determined to study, completing the college degree will be difficult.

An Accredited College Is Needed

Make sure that you choose an accredited online university. If the university is not accredited, then the degree it will give you will not be recognised anywhere in the world and all your hard work will go to waste.

An online distance learning college degree is much more convenient and cost efficient than traditional college degrees.

7 Ways To Encourage Learners’ Participation In Distance Education

The technological advancements make it easier for humans to carry out different tasks without being physically present on site. Now, it is possible to perform multitasking without any hiccup. Technology, in particular, plays a great role in the education sector. E-learning has become the latest craze among the modern day students.

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/bqkJbx

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/bqkJbx

It is now easy for learners to acquire new traits without being physically present in the classrooms, though students’ participation remains must. The online institutions should ensure that learners are kept engaged and motivated all the time. Keeping the students engaged is the biggest challenge that hasn’t been cracked yet, though there are some ways that have worked for the learners as well as institutions.

Validation – Learners must choose to go with the champion organisation in the field of distance education. Studying in influential and well-respected institutions has bigger benefits in the long term. If learners realise that the organisation values their learning curriculum, they will be automatically inclined for it without any push. On the other hand, organisations providing distance learning should maintain their reputation and consider accreditation from a valid external body. One can enroll in the distance learning courses from UK universities, as they are universally recognised and accredited through valid agencies.

Introduction – Let the learners understand the expectations from them. Additionally, they must know about the learning outcomes and the purpose of every element of distance learning. The course guide must be emailed beforehand so that learners familiarise with the study module. Learners should also be made aware of the technical specifications required for the learning and the opportunities to install the apps, upgrades or relevant programmes before learning commences earnestly.

Motivation – Your involvement with distance learning must be connecting, rewarding, engaging and enjoyable. Learner should have a clear idea about what distance learning has to offer them. They must figure out the learning outcomes and their benefits at the beginning itself.

Design – It is true that motivation is the biggest factor but the learning design also plays a big role in encouraging participation in distance education programme. The appropriate and relevant technologies should be aligned to the learners’ behavioural factors. In case of different elements, the purpose of each element should be apparent from the beginning. The course content must be crisp and concise. Interesting, engaging and memorable content entices the participant to the hilt. Again, as distance learning can sometime be lonely, the courses should be designed keeping the elements of collaboration, peer review and tutor interaction intact.

Goal setting – Learners should be encouraged to think about their learning as well as career goals. The distance learning providers can integrate goal setting technology into the courses. Organisations should ensure that individuals are able to put into practice what they have learnt.

Tutor skill – A skilled tutor makes huge difference to the successful distance learning. It’s the job of tutors to set the ball rolling, set the tone and to maintain momentum of the course. Collaborative study techniques can be facilitated to draw attention of the participants.

International awareness – Organisations into the distance learning, if they have global presence, should be aware of language barriers, time zone differences and cultural differences. All these factors have an impact over the participation. Distance learning institutions should where their most learners are coming from and plan out the classes accordingly.

These are the drawing factors to encourage participation in distance learning. Students from Nigeria can now enroll in online courses from UK universities and hope for a bright career ahead.