Education Across Africa – Its Challenges & Solutions

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Education is currently one of the biggest concerns in Africa as most of the nations in the continent have a poor education system which is incapable of creating well trained and knowledgeable graduates who can successfully compete in the global job market. The truth is African education is presently facing a number of challenges like political, social and economic challenges, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and inadequate infrastructure in schools.

Education In Africa

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Presently, there is a strong need for greatly improving our education system as our students are practically not learning anything useful or gaining any skills which will equip them to build a lucrative career and add to the national economy. Instead, we have developed an ineffectual grading system which promotes rote learning only to secure high scores in exams. As a result our graduates are ill prepared to enter the workforce and lack the knowledge and skills of graduates from other parts of the world.

Now it has become imperative that we raise our academic standards so that our universities can be at par with global institutions and create better graduates so that the African youth has a fighting chance in building better lives for themselves. As per 2011-2012 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, University of Cape Town in South Africa was ranked 103 in the world which was awarded a total score of 53.2%. This goes on to show that we need to focus more on enhancing the education standard in all universities across Africa.

Here are some of the challenges which our African education sector is facing at present –

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Lack Of Trained Educators

 As the education system is weak from the base, we are unable to create skilled and talented educators and teachers who would guide our students and help them prosper. The educators we have don’t know how to offer meaningful and quality education to our learners.

Lack Of Government Initiative

 As the political scenario is greatly influenced by corruption, the governments of different African nations do not take all the necessary steps to boost education. All several measures have been undertaken, but none have proved fruitful due to lack of funding and government support.

Poor Infrastructure In Schools 

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Most primary and tertiary institutes across the continent do not have the right equipments, study materials or even buildings to teach students. As digital learning is slowly taking over the education sphere, African schools find themselves ill-equipped to provide students the best learning experience.

Apart from these, there are various other hindrances and challenges which we need to overcome to create an ideal education system. But the main question which arises now is how do we overcome these obstacles?

Here are some probable solutions to improve the state of our education system…

Sufficient Government Investment

All the governments of African nations must unite to drastically improve the education scenario. The governments must decide on enhanced investment in education schemes which will allow institutions to but the necessary equipment and build more schools across various regions.

Teacher Training

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It is also important that we create skilled, well trained motivated and ethical teachers who will help our students to learn the right way and prepare for the global employment market. Our universities should launch programmes that will enable aspiring teachers to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

Online Learning

Today online study has become an integral part of education which allows students to learn what they want, when they want and how they want. Online education has the power to expand the reach of institutions and reach learners even in the remote parts of Africa. Our school must embrace the latest technology and offer affordable online learning opportunities to our students.

What do you think? Feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts with us on how we can improve education in Africa.

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7 Great Ways To Start A Business In Africa

Business In Africa

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Thinking about starting a business in Africa? Then it is undeniably a great idea as Africa provides excellent opportunities in the long run, especially in terms of population. According to UNICEF, it has been estimated that in the coming 35 years, population in the continent will rise by 1.8 billion. The prospects and opportunities for business expansion will keep increasing as several of the fastest growing economies in the world are in the continent.

Here we are listing 7 lucrative business opportunities that you can explore if you are planning to move to Africa and start a business. Take a look…

Trade: Import

Import-export in Africa

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It is a great way to retain business links at your home country while you are managing your new business in Africa. The  key here is to choose the right product that has high demand in your host country, get a worldwide supplier and start your business.

Trade: Export

Exporting goods is another part of the trade if you plan to move to the Africa. It will be ideal for you set the right location in the continent and export locally available resources to your business networks at home. This is a great option as various products like honey, coffee and others cost very cheap in Africa.

Start A School 

Starting A School in Africa


Today education has become a thriving business across the continent as more than one third of the population is under 18 years of age. As the public education system is highly flawed, many parents prefer private schools for their kids. With the knowledge of your own educational system, you can introduce international standards and practices to a community.

Information Technology

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the IT sector in Africa has been identified among the most rapidly growing and potentially most lucrative sectors. The industry offers an excellent opportunity for new businesses at different levels of economy.

Construction Business in Africa

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 Real Estate & Construction

Sub-Sahara Africa is the ideal destination for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in the field of construction. The World Bank estimates that the urbanisation rate in Sub-Sahara Africa is set to rise to 50 per cent from 36 per cent by the year 2030.

International Law Firm

With constantly growing numbers of multinational companies across the continent, especially in East Africa, organisations are bound to face conflicts, disagreements & disputes. Staring a law firm can help you create a strong foothold in the continent.

Financial Services

businessmen in Africa

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Lack of capital is one of the basic reasons why most businesses across Africa fail. Experts claim that even though the economy is growing with billion dollar investments for multinational firms, there is a strong need for micro-investments for small & medium businesses. Hence, this is another area you can consider. It is not necessary for you to provide the funding yourself; instead you can offer legitimate access to genuine investors & capital by setting up a financial services firm.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other areas where you start your business in Africa and experience growth. However, if you wish to succeed in your endeavour then it is imperative that you possess the right business and management skills. This is especially important if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. One of the most effective ways to gain the necessary skills is to pursue an online business diploma . Why?

Firstly, online business programmes are very flexible and convenient. Thus, you an choose to study at any time you want and focus on your new business at the same time. You can smartly balance your education work and family commitments as there are no fixed classes. Secondly, online business diploma programmes are highly affordable and does not require you to take out a heavy student loan. You can acquire crucial management skills that will empower you to lead your business forward and accomplish your goals successfully.

So if you are thinking about going to Africa and starting a new business, then this is the best time for you to get started, provided you have acquired the require skills, abilities and knowledge.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts and views below in the comments section.

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