Online Education is Highly Beneficial for Nigerian Students



As education has become one of the most crucial aspects of life these days, one can’t imagine life without it. It has become the key to a successful career and essential for earning a livelihood that will take care of all necessities. However, one must continue their higher education, in order to earn a college degree, that will which fetch them better jobs. Students in developing nations like Nigeria, usually start working right after they pass out of school as most don’t have an option.

Nigeria does have good colleges but as they are not funded by the government, the colleges don’t run properly. Politics has taken a toll on the education system, harming it in ways more than one. Also, most colleges are understaffed and over populated. The teachers, much like labourers, often go on strikes, which hampers classes. However, technology has saved Nigerian students as more than half the population these days resort to online education. Renowned colleges and universities from all over the world provide online study programmes which help students achieve undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Recently, Intel launched a solution of education that will help learners in Nigeria, access low-cost and free resources of digital learning. The education solution, Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace, has been launched and is designed is such a way, so as to help learners of various age groups. Learners can benefit from this education solution through learning materials that are interactive like books, instruction videos, examination papers and podcasts.

The education solution was launched in Lagos and is supposed to help students at elementary and advanced education levels. According to the country manager of Intel West Africa, Bunmi Ekundare, the education solution will benefit students as well as education community stakeholders, like parents and teachers.



For us at Intel, we are not just focused on emerging technologies but also on the best way to deploy these technologies to ensure that it is relevant to all stakeholders involved.” – Bunmi Ekundare, country manager, Intel West Africa.

Intel has collaborated with an African organisation, Rancard, for this project. Rancard is an organisation that offers software that is cloud-based for content delivery and discovery for mobile use. Ekundare has also said that collaborations with content developers and government educational institutions to strengthen the project. They have identified Nigeria’s problem with education and have also noticed that education through online means is the best solution to these problems. Students can gain massively through these means and earn that much needed college degree.



“We recognise education as a major challenge across the continent and believe the platform we have deployed together with Intel for the African market is an important step in solving this challenge, equipping both educators and content creators with the tools they need to create and distribute high quality educational content.” – Ehizogie Binitie, co-founder and chief technology officer, Rancard

With these new educational tools and online study programmes, students in Nigeria are bound to do well for themselves and achieve success.


4 Comments on “Online Education is Highly Beneficial for Nigerian Students”

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  2. Julius says:

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  3. Irene Ubani says:

    This is a brilliant idea . Please how do I become a part of this?

    • Leona Sharon says:

      Thanks Irene Ubani for going through the article & showing interest in it. Now a days many organisations have taken the initiative to support the development efforts of the Nigerian education system & are providing enthusiasts with positive academic environment. is one of such organizations that provides students with excellent opportunities to acquire qualifications based on essential skills through simple, affordable, convenient and interactive learning modules. If you really want to acquire academic excellence you can go through the site & can have further details.

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