Schools Academy Plan: Scepticism Persists Over Government Intention.

The English government plan to privatise 17,000 school from the control of local authority in next six years has come under heavy protest. Defending governments plan at Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) conference schools minister Nick Gibb was sneered and taunted by the teachers.


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Teachers are unhappy with the proposal of the government. However, Prime Minister David Cameron have a different thought. He guarded the scheme of the government by saying that, “vision for our schooling system”. He said that government wants to shift education from bureaucrats to teachers and headteachers.

In spring budget 2016 George Osborne divulged the plan to bring state-sponsored schools under the private academies. Many are sceptical and raising doubts. Questions are being raised on accountability. Those who are against the privatisation of state-controlled schools asks what if anything goes wrong, who will be answerable? Presently if things went wrong parents have the scope to lodge complain to teachers or school administrators. Parents and teachers are not sure similar will the scenario when school will operate by private academies.

Role Of Local Authority

England has total 24,000 schools with 85 percent primary schools are under the local authority. There are 5,000 schools are academies. The local authority plays important role in the education of the school children. They have a legal responsibility to assure that all child accomplish their educational ability.


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The local authority supervises the school’s performance under their control. They make sure that schools make correction or development if it’s required. Besides, the authority works towards the best interest of the children. Moreover, they address and hear all the worries or apprehension of the parents.

The Concern

Discarding the government plan the National Union of Teachers (NUT) have decided to go on strike if the schools were turned to academics. This decision was taken at the annual conference of NUT at Brighton. At the conference members unanimously voted against the privatisation of the schools.
A research conducted by the ATL has revealed that out of five teachers four have decided to quit teaching profession.

In Defence

Coming under heavy criticism and protest the government has defended its action. Schools minister Nick Gibb said, “The whole academies programme is about having a profession-led system so that the profession is in charge and not local authority officials. That’s the system we’re moving to. If you talk to headteachers who become heads of academies, they have flourished.” Regarding the research of the ATL, he said, “I think it’s a big challenge.”


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The Argument

The government have proposed the plan which has sprouted protest. With teachers threatening to quit the profession and others choosing the path of strike academisation of 17,000 school will not be an easy take for the government. Therefore, they should listen to the voice of the people. That is what democracy is all about. All should sit together and find the solution to implement the best plan that will help education system of the country to develop and advance. There could nothing more important than ensuring the progress of children who will decide the fate of the country in future.

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