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The capital awarded by the EU supports the traditional institutes to promote the higher education. Now that the Britain has decided to quit from the European Union learning, from lower to higher education, will unquestionably have an adverse influence. The tuition cost and college fees will be on the rise soon, and the rate of higher education participation is expected to decrease. In this scenario distance, learning and online degree courses are imparting the right kind of education to upgrade a student’s academic qualification.

The outcome of Brexit can’t accurately be estimated now, and Britain certainly will have a sudden change in system in which experts can focus on building bankroll that enables UK higher education to bear their entire viewpoint.

Is Brexit a potentially ‘damaging’ component for higher education?

Having the choice of the UK electorate in mind much of the UK’s leading market heads down with the brass tacks of financial progress are up with several hard facts denoting Brexit as a potentially ‘harmful’ constituent for higher education.

The second British have chosen Brexit, the outcome of all parts of British community— and global prosperity too — are starting to be evaluated. Every area linked to business and trade is open for change, comprising the framework of higher education.

Diverse University Class

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In this scenario online study and degree in the UK showing a way out of the present situation. The salient features of online learning are this advanced approach to learning is offering a cost-effective way of education. As the cost of going to physical colleges and universities, on-campus tuitions, reading book are not there the amount of money a student has to pay is less than that of a face-to-face education.

Online degree courses offered by distance learning is much more personalised because the study content is delivered via the internet and through technology enabled devices like smartphone, tabs, and computers. Online learning institutes are relying on a cloud-based content delivery system through which students can download, save and resume their study material, all they have to do is log-in their account.


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Whether you want to upgrade your academic career with a diploma in information technology or want to transmute your professional career with an MBA online degree is the smartest way you have. No matter what your desires are online learning can make your dream come true because this mode of education promises to impart quality education to arm you with hands-on experience.

The sure-fire method to earn an MBA without resigning your job or spending a large sum of money is to join in an Online degree in business and management which will quicken the way to MBA. Or if computers are your thing then an online diploma in information technology will pave you the way for an advance career that you always crave for.

Technology and business affect on nearly each and every perspective of our daily life, and as a result, e-learning opening wide shots of employment in several distinguished organizations to the learners. And apparently, all these jobs will advance the future of a learner into an upgraded one.

The Buzz Around New Trends That Comes Into Play In The Educational Ecosystem

The framework of 21st-century education system is changing fast. Online learning has become as essential mode of learning, various learning tools are gaining its place in classrooms, student analytics are being used to monitor engagement, and universities are adopting e-learning to run a parallel education ecosystem. This, in a nutshell, is the present-day scenario of education system.


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Online learning, undoubtedly, is making a big difference in passing on knowledge. This is because this mode of learning is bridging the gap between education infused with hands-on experience that is needed to upskill and knowledge that is being imparted by the traditional institutes. What comes to mind after taking a closer look at this situation is – How technology is enhancing the overall learning experience?

The sure thing is, technology, like every other aspect of life, has its upper hand on education. And if you manage to zero in on the young learners everywhere around you there is a fair chance of seeing them opting for their studies. This is where advanced technology comes handy. Let’s weigh up the advantages of technology-infused learning.

E-learning. Learning, in this mode, is delivered online through smart-phones, tabs, and other technology enabled devices. The availability of learning increases due to this. Whenever a learner gets the internet connection he can opt to continue his lessons.

Cloud-based learning system. Internet is the source of everything and learning is made easy by the suffusion of advanced technology like internet. But what if there is no connection? Thanks to cloud-based learning system with which you can download, save and reuse your resources whenever you feel the need.

Social Media learning platform. The impact of Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites in our lives can’t be denied. Online learning harnesses the power of those social networking sites to enhance the engagement of learning by asking questions posting answers and sharing thoughts.

Multimedia learning. Whether your want your students to understand the complex anatomic structure of our body as an educator or you want to get into the core a atomic structure of a novel gas as an inspired learner the best way to understand all these is to bank on online learning as this mode of learning comprise of video-based or in a broader sense multimedia based learning. Wonder how we manage to memorise lyrics of new-age ‘blues’ and forget the what we a taught in school a day before? It’s because multimedia learning has a magnifying effect on our memorising power, it magnifies it to a certain degree. Imagine how audio-visual learning can help the learners memorising their study.


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Augmented Reality. This, perhaps, is the most recently added feature that enhances the effect of 3d learning space to back up active learning. With relative technology and hardware students experience an ambience artificially created that vouches for intuitive learning. The ambience created by augmented reality can be tailored as per students requirement.

Those are the techniques that online learning is intertwining with the educational system to enhance the user engagement of the learners. Apart from these e-learning institutes initiates bite-sized learning to make learning shorter, sharper and easy to assimilate. And all these new trends and technologies are proved to be more effective than the traditional mode of learning.

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Online Learning To Bridge Gaps In 21st Century Education System In Nigeria.

Gaining a sustainable economic evolution is impossible if the educational system does not meet its standards. No matter in what part of this world you live or culture you belong education remains the key factor to enrich people’s efficiency and creativity. It certainly modifies their ability to evolve through time. Governing bodies and leaders of almost every region felt the need of initiating adequate education in every sectors of society that eventually will result in a steady economical system. Having said that, the state and local government of Nigeria are failed to provide a quality education to the young and adult learners which subsequently is draining the creativity and productivity from them. Dr. Dipo Fashina, former president of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) announced Nigeria’s education system to be “dysfunctional and in need urgent need of transformation.”

She added, “Education is the major thing that promotes being at the height of development and we are not there yet”.


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This is the right situation when online learning needs to be introduced in an effective way. It’s time to raise awareness among the students, parents and learners of all age to online education which will result in a sustainable all-round development.

Students Are To Experience Flexible Study Schedule

Schools and colleges in various regions of Nigeria lack a proper foundation. This is the era of tough competition where a student can be left far behind if he or she in not guided properly. Statistics show that online learning makes the learner more attentive as they are never forced to do something that they don’t want to. It gives them the power to decide what to read and when to read. Being the centerfold of the learning process student are showing responsibilities. Hence, online learning could be the most adequate replacement for traditional face-to-face education in several regions in Nigeria.

Accessing Quality Content Via Web

online-learning (2)

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Another serious problem looming large in the schools and colleges in Nigeria is the lack of updated course material. Online learning can solve this problem by catering quality content to the students which are created and revised by professionals from all around the world.

Increasing Career Opportunity

Online learning courses are tailored to emphasis on the the education that promotes career opportunity. As long as getting a job is the ultimate objective of learning this new form of education has its emphasis on career-oriented study courses.

Empowering Women For Greater Cause

Online learning is successfully empowering women by letting them take their own decision. If a single mother wants to participate in a course of computer coding she can easily use the online learning medium to do it. All she needs to do is logging-in to a website which offers that particular course and going through the session attentively. May be this degree will help her getting a job and meet the ends.

Several online learning applications are rolling out in many of the African countries to increase the engagement of students in learning. As new technologies coming into play ample of opportunities are opening for Nigerian students.

Post your comments by sharing your experience and insights.

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Online MBA: Quality learning with advanced learning techniques

Why the demand for MBA studies is growing consistently? Why does companies globally are hiring MBA qualifiers? According to the industry prediction demand for the MBA in business qualified individuals will continue to grow. Introduced first in Harvard University now is the widely preferred learning course across the countries. It’s because of the fact that business and management courses deals with the varied functions and pursuits in the business organisations across the industries and sectors. And since it helps to create more better prospect for career the demand for business and management learning is increasing. Online business and management programmes helps professionals and entrepreneurs to develop essential skill, crucial for planning and formulating strategies for the success of the organisation.


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Online MBA : Why?

Online business and management degree courses are growing. There are certain factors that has made online learning a considerable tool to acquire MBA degree. Let us check what are the advantage of online learning as gateway to MBA education:

  • Learning format at online is flexible. The student only need device and internet connectivity to participate in learning. Here, students need to accommodate themselves to hostel/residential or commute travel to campus to attend lectures.
  • The duration of the online MBA courses can be short as well as long, it depends on the learning pace and need of students.
  • Online MBA programme allows greater access to learning content to the students. The students can engage to learning 24×7 day or night.
  • Access to top Online Business School is easy as the students are not required to travel to foreign lands to attend the learning programme or to take tests/exams.
  • The online MBA in business and management degree programmes provide opportunity to participate in virtual fair to interact with management of different companies. Also the online students forum and discussion boards allows students of varied nationalities to connect with each other.
  • Professionals seeking to upgrade their skill can take MBA in business course via online without leaving their current job.

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Distance MBA enrolment increasing

Online business and management courses has broken the geographical barrier. Now professionals and students across the nations can select institutes from global map. Since most of the colleges and universities are rendering distance MBA programme to facilitate crucial business learning for the learners. This mode of learning helps the working individuals to carry on with their employment and manage other obligations like family or personal life. The another essential factor that makes online distance MBA convenient is the cost effectiveness. Compare to the traditional, online learning MBA course are incredibly low.


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Own business & MBA

You would be opened to maximum risk if you don’t have the know-how of commerce abreast other essential elements and practices of business. In the contemporary time it’s recommended to measure what and how can you excel instead of surrendering to the crisis. The MBA learning guides the learner on how to deal with different attributes of business. Qualities like problem solving, critical thinking, man and leadership management helps are built through comprehensive and core learning of the business. So why take the risk when you have the learning tool to guide you to thrive your business?

What is your take on online MBA courses? Post your comment and share your thought.

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7 Great Ways To Start A Business In Africa

Business In Africa

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Thinking about starting a business in Africa? Then it is undeniably a great idea as Africa provides excellent opportunities in the long run, especially in terms of population. According to UNICEF, it has been estimated that in the coming 35 years, population in the continent will rise by 1.8 billion. The prospects and opportunities for business expansion will keep increasing as several of the fastest growing economies in the world are in the continent.

Here we are listing 7 lucrative business opportunities that you can explore if you are planning to move to Africa and start a business. Take a look…

Trade: Import

Import-export in Africa

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It is a great way to retain business links at your home country while you are managing your new business in Africa. The  key here is to choose the right product that has high demand in your host country, get a worldwide supplier and start your business.

Trade: Export

Exporting goods is another part of the trade if you plan to move to the Africa. It will be ideal for you set the right location in the continent and export locally available resources to your business networks at home. This is a great option as various products like honey, coffee and others cost very cheap in Africa.

Start A School 

Starting A School in Africa


Today education has become a thriving business across the continent as more than one third of the population is under 18 years of age. As the public education system is highly flawed, many parents prefer private schools for their kids. With the knowledge of your own educational system, you can introduce international standards and practices to a community.

Information Technology

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the IT sector in Africa has been identified among the most rapidly growing and potentially most lucrative sectors. The industry offers an excellent opportunity for new businesses at different levels of economy.

Construction Business in Africa

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 Real Estate & Construction

Sub-Sahara Africa is the ideal destination for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in the field of construction. The World Bank estimates that the urbanisation rate in Sub-Sahara Africa is set to rise to 50 per cent from 36 per cent by the year 2030.

International Law Firm

With constantly growing numbers of multinational companies across the continent, especially in East Africa, organisations are bound to face conflicts, disagreements & disputes. Staring a law firm can help you create a strong foothold in the continent.

Financial Services

businessmen in Africa

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Lack of capital is one of the basic reasons why most businesses across Africa fail. Experts claim that even though the economy is growing with billion dollar investments for multinational firms, there is a strong need for micro-investments for small & medium businesses. Hence, this is another area you can consider. It is not necessary for you to provide the funding yourself; instead you can offer legitimate access to genuine investors & capital by setting up a financial services firm.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other areas where you start your business in Africa and experience growth. However, if you wish to succeed in your endeavour then it is imperative that you possess the right business and management skills. This is especially important if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. One of the most effective ways to gain the necessary skills is to pursue an online business diploma . Why?

Firstly, online business programmes are very flexible and convenient. Thus, you an choose to study at any time you want and focus on your new business at the same time. You can smartly balance your education work and family commitments as there are no fixed classes. Secondly, online business diploma programmes are highly affordable and does not require you to take out a heavy student loan. You can acquire crucial management skills that will empower you to lead your business forward and accomplish your goals successfully.

So if you are thinking about going to Africa and starting a new business, then this is the best time for you to get started, provided you have acquired the require skills, abilities and knowledge.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts and views below in the comments section.

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Fast Track Your Way To Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in Africa with Fast Track MBA

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Entrepreneurship is becoming more popular among the youths of Africa as a career which can allow them to boost both their personal and professional lives. As there is a prominent lack of employment opportunities, teamed with political disturbances and socio-economic challenges across the continent, deciding to become an entrepreneur can actually prove beneficial for you. However, becoming an African entrepreneur would mean that you develop all the necessary business skills and knowledge. Moreover, you need to be prepared to drive your business through the constantly evolving market and the socio-political challenges in Africa. Let us take a look at what you can do to become a successful business leader….

Being An Entrepreneur In Africa

Entrepreneurship in Africa with Fast Track MBA

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Africa is presently going through different problems like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, terrorism and political turmoil. However, the scenario can be changed when the African youth take up entrepreneurship to enhance the capacity of the nation and create more jobs. Effective entrepreneurs can drive industrial as well as national development. But there are too many obstacles which discourage most aspiring entrepreneurs to get started.

Ashish Thakkar, who survived the Rwandan genocide, launched his own computer business after completing high school in Uganda. Now his business, the Mara Group, has expanded a lot and has become one of the most reputed conglomerates in Africa. Thakkar now leads a group of businesses with over 7,000 employees and functions in more than 19 African nations across different industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, real estate etc.

Need For Promoting Entrepreneurship

Ashish Thakkar of The Mara Group

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Regarding encouraging entrepreneurship in Africa, Thakkar said,

“We focus primarily on young entrepreneurs. I know from experience that when you are young, the concept of networking is very alien and you don’t know how to go about raising capital. Learning the hard way, on the job, helped me understand why unemployment is such a big issue in Africa and globally. According to our government, the answer to unemployment is foreign direct investment. But I don’t believe that’s the only option, we should also look to nurturing Africa’s small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).”

He further added,

“On average, SMEs provide 65% of private-sector employment in Africa… I frequently meet with entrepreneurs all over Africa, and my first question is always, “Look, what can I do for you?” They never tell me that money is their primary need, what they are really looking for is guidance. Many young African entrepreneurs are the children of civil servants or farmers. They don’t come from business backgrounds, so where can they turn for advice?”

How You Can Be An Entrepreneur

This is where the need for business education comes in, if you ask me. Nowadays, it has become imperative that you pursue an MBA to gain the necessary entrepreneurship skills, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about the business world. But as studying at a traditional business school can be highly expensive these days and result in a heavy student debt, it is better to pursue a fast track MBA online programme. Studying a fast track MBA will help you learn about the various facets of business and boost your leadership and managerial skills in the most affordable way. This will surely make you more prepared to launch your startup and become a successful manager and business leader.

Be An Entrepreneur with Fast Track MBA

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As online courses are flexible, you will be able to gain relevant work experience while studying and get a deeper understanding about the industry and market. Moreover, you can advance your fast track degree to the final year of an accredited MBA degree programme from an associated university. A fast track MBA degree online will make sure that you acquire the right skills which will enable you to not only start your business but also to manage your company effectively.

How do you plan to become an entrepreneur? Feel free share your views and add to the discussion by commenting below.

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These Female Business Leaders Are Changing The Face Of African Business

The 5 Most Inspiring Woman Business Leaders in Africa

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   Are you planning to become a successful woman entrepreneur in Africa? It’s true that achieving success as a business leader is much more challenging for women than men. But the fact remains that an increasing number of women have started to make their mark on the business world in Africa. Not only these women are running successful businesses, but they are also significantly adding to the economy.

If you are looking for some inspiration to become the next successful woman business leader in Africa, then here are some inspiring women who you can make your role models in achieving your goals-

Maria Ramos, Chief Executive of Barclays Africa Group

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  Maria Ramos, Chief Executive of Barclays Africa Group

Maria Ramos is the Group Chief Executive of the Barclays Africa Group, previously known as the Absa group, which is the largest bank in South Africa. The 53-year-old South African supervises the integration of the African units of Absa and Barclays in order to achieve their “One Bank in Africa” business strategy and improve regional growth. She became a part of the Absa group in 2009 after enjoying a noteworthy career in the public sector, and acting as the Group CEO of the state-owned rail and pipeline agency Transnet Limited.


Siza Mzimela, Executive Chairperson at Blue Crane Aviation   

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Mzimela is the Executive Chairperson and founder of Blue Crane Aviation, which is  an aviation services firm that focuses on African airlines. Her company offers expert aircraft management services, airline consulting and aviation legal services. In 2010, she was appointed as the first woman Chief Executive Officer of the South African Airways (SAA), the leading airline in Africa. Mzimela is a board member of SA Tourism and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

Nonkululeko Nyembezi-Heita, Former Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal Limited

Nonkululeko Nyembezi-Heita, Former Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal Limited

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 She acted as the Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited. Nyembezi-Heita started her career as an engineer at Research Triangle Park (IBM) in North Carolina. Later she worked at IBM in Dallas and eventually was placed at the South African office of the company. She also acted as the head of Alliance Capital Management, a financial services group, and joined as the head of Mergers and Acquisition division at Vodacom.

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Nombulelo “Pinky” Moholi, Director of Companies  

She is the Non-Executive Director of Anglo American Platinum Limited as well as Old Mutual Emerging Markets (OMEM). Pinky Moholi also the Independent Non-Executive Director at Woolworths Holdings Limited. Earlier she acted as the Chief Executive Officer of Telkom SA Limited, from April 2011 to April 2013. Moholi was honoured as the Top 20 Most Powerful Women in Africa by Forbes in October 2011

Bridgette Radebe, Executive Chairperson of Mmakau Mining

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  Radebe is the founder and Executive Chairperson of Mmakau Mining, a highly successful mining company with assets in platinum, gold, uranium, chrome, coal etc. She also acts as an Independent Non-Executive Director for Sappi Limited, from May 2004; and as the Chairperson of Nabera Mining (Pty) Ltd , from 1999. Radebe has made significant contribution in developing and improving the Mining Charter and the South African Mineral & Petroleum Resources Development Act. She was honoured with the “International Businessperson of the Year Award” by the Global Foundation for Democracy in May 2008.

Are you ready to become the next female business leader in Africa? What do you think? Share your opinion with us by leaving your comments below.

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Fast Track MBA – Helping Nigerian Youths To Counter Unemployment

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Do you wish to build a thriving career? With the rising rate of unemployment in Nigeria, it will be surely challenging for you to achieve your professional goals even if you earn a degree. In this scenario, more and more Nigerian youths are opting to become entrepreneurs and starting their own business. Take a look….

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 Unemployment Is Affecting Nigerian Youths

With growing volume of youthful population in Africa, several challenges have emerged, both social and economic. However, the number of jobs must increase to compensate the growing population. When adequate jobs will not be created, most of the youths will end up unemployed. According to data from the International Labor Organization, 3 out of 5 unemployed individual in Africa are youths.

A 2008 World Bank Report, entitled ‘Youth Employment in Africa: the potential, the problem and the promise’, reveals that youth employment is particularly prominent in urban regions. Due to poor conditions in rural regions, most people migrate towards the cities which lead to increasing challenges related to unemployment in the urban areas. As a result of this, numerous candidates are applying to limited vacancies and jobs which is creating further problems. Hence, now more youths are deciding to be entrepreneurs and taking necessary steps to not only to build their own careers, but also to create jobs and add substantially to the economy.

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Nigeria Needs More Entrepreneurs 

Several entrepreneurs believe that encouraging entrepreneurial thinking among Nigerian youths will be crucial for the economic development of the nation. Moreover, the government is also taking steps to support youth development initiatives and aspiring entrepreneurs. Fashogbon Abiodun David, the CEO of the marketing company Fizzie Republic and the fashion boutique Fashi Fizzie, in Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria, says “The strength of a nation is the power of individual characters. America is what it is because of world-class entrepreneurs that are there: Bill Gate[s] of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple and Larry Ellison of Oracle, Diddy of Sean John.”

David started his entrepreneurial venture in 2001 with just $20 USD and has faced several challenges in order to move his business forward. He says “I started with 2,650 naira [NGN ($16.65 USD)]. I ventured into business to conquer poverty.” He adds that achieving success was a daunting task due to the pressure and intimidation from larger businesses who almost compelled him to close down. He adds “The sharks are the big existing businesses that frowns at competition. I was beaten up by a fellow businessman because he was afraid I will take up the business. The trauma was so much I wanted to close my doors.”

But he says he pressed forward and didn’t even report his assailants because he was more concerned about the future and moving forward. David has successfully established himself as successful Nigerian entrepreneur since 2001 and has effectively expanded his business. Just like several other young entrepreneurs in the country, he is convinced that entrepreneurship is the right solution for dealing with poverty and unemployment in Nigeria.


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How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

So if you tackle unemployment and build a lucrative career for yourself, then embracing entrepreneurship will empower you to accomplish your goals. However, it is imperative that you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge before you make an investment and start your business.
As a successful entrepreneur, you will need to be an expert in your field and have a clear understanding about the industry and the latest market trends. Moreover, you should also know how to effectively manage your business and lead your team.

Pursuing a business programme can help you to gain all the necessary knowledge and develop various skills like leadership skills, management skills, communication skills etc. However, if you want to be an entrepreneur, then a full time MBA programme will not be the most suitable option for you due to the need for heavy investment of time and money. Then what should you do?

Study Fast Track MBA Online

Pursuing an online fast track MBA will allow you to learn what you need and acquire the required skills without the need for investing huge amounts of time and money. You will learn about the core management concepts and understand how to apply them effectively in your business. You will also develop business and entrepreneurial skills that will allow you to steer your startup towards success.

One of the biggest advantages of studying an online MBA is that you will be able to work and study at the same time. As these courses offer excellent flexibility, you can easily choose to gather relevant work experience or work on your start up while studying and earning an recognised qualification. Moreover, with an online fast track MBA programme, you will have the opportunity to advance your qualification to the final year of an accredited MBA programme and earn a master’s degree in business management.

Pursuing a quality fast track MBA programme will enable you to become a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria and boost your business to create more jobs in the country and add to the national economy.

How do you plan on becoming an entrepreneur? Feel free to share your ideas and views with us by commenting below.

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The State Of Business Education In Nigeria – A Quick Overview

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Nowadays business education has become one of the most popular higher education qualifications for students across the world. You can see increasing number of students applying for business programmes in reputed B-schools in their home country as well as abroad. The trend can also be observed in Nigeria and other African nations as a business degree will not only give you an edge over your competitors, but it will make you eligible for a number of employment opportunities in this intensely competitive job market.

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 Studying Business In Nigeria

There is no doubt that business education can help Nigerian youths, both students and professionals, to gain the right skills and build a lucrative career anywhere in the world. You will be able to achieve professional success and prove your skills as a business leader or manager in the international corporate world. This will certainly allow you to earn exceptionally high salaries and create a better life for you and your family.

However, as the education system in Nigeria seems rather dysfunctional and flawed, most students have a hard time pursuing quality business education. Many educationists claim that entire Africa has only 90 business schools when there is a population of more than one billion. This number is seriously alarming. Eleanor Whitehead focuses on an important issue in the article Africa: Business Education – the TIA Survey.” The continent has a comparatively small number of B-schools spread across almost 6 nations in the continent. This means that around 54 African countries do not have even one business management school. However, the scenario is somewhat better in South Africa, the wealthiest economy in Africa, as there are adequate management schools that offer quality business education and training.

Changing The Business Education Sphere  

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But there is still hope as many institutes are trying to expand the reach of their programmes by offering a number of online courses so that students in remote areas can access them easily. Moreover, in Nigeria alone there are more than 19 reputed business schools such as The Delta Business School, Warri Business School (WBS), University of Lagos Business School, Obafemi Awolowo University Business School, University of Ilorin Business School and others.

Some Nigerian Universities, such as the Madonna University (Okija Campus), the business education department is in the faculty of Arts/Education.The viewpoint of the business education in the faculty of Arts/ Education has risen as a result of the National Policy on Education (NPE).

The Department of Business Education is dedicated to attain specific goals, some of which are mentioned here-

  • To encourage the right type of attitudes and significances for the betterment of Nigerian people and society.
  • To train the learners in an effective way so that they can properly understand the real world and deal with various scenarios.
  • To obtain the necessary skills, capabilities and aptitudes that will allow our students to significantly add to the overall societal improvement once they graduate.

The fact remains that business education enables you to become a better business leader and help businesses grow. This will directly add to the Nigerian economy and result in the development of communities across the nation.

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Online Business Education – The Best Solution For Aspiring Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

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One of the best ways for Nigerian youths to achieve success and financial independence is to pursue realistic and effective business study. Your business education will enable you to build your career in the global corporate world and earn high salaries for a better life. How? Let’s find out….

Facing A Flawed System

At present the education system in Nigeria is unable to provide world-class education to the students as the system flawed and corrupted. Hence there is no scope for you to acquire the necessary knowledge which will empower you to develop management skills and start your own business. The present education system aims to motivate you to pursue theoretical studies and accomplish excellent grades, boost your employability and secure a high-paying job when you become a graduate.

Although this form of learning might have proved effective earlier, but now it simply does not work as there is a lack of adequate job opportunities globally. In fact many businesses are downsizing as they are still recovering from the last financial crisis. Hence, now there is no point in becoming a college graduate without any business or management knowledge.

So What Is The Solution?

First you need to start by accepting responsibility of the situation and take the right steps to make it better for yourself. If you ask me, the right solution for students like you is to acquire business and management knowledge that enables you to develop entrepreneurial skills and become self employed.

You can find numerous people across Nigeria who have successfully started their own small business and have made it bigger through their business knowledge, skills and determination. In fact now they are hiring fresh graduates and creating new employment opportunities.

As business education is highly inaccessible in Nigeria, most individuals think that a heavy capital investment us necessary to start a business. Hence they have second thoughts about becoming an entrepreneur. But you need to understand the business scenario has changed drastically. Now, having an excellent business idea is more important than having money to establish a small company.

Mrs. Kehinde Kamson started a small confectionary business at the backyard of her home almost 8 years ago. Now she has become the Chief Executive Officer of the well-known Sweet Sensation franchise. Her business has now developed into many outlets across Nigeria. Kamson is a clear example that having business knowledge is more important to become an entrepreneur.

But the question here is: how can you pursue business education without spending excessively, especially when there are limited learning opportunities in Nigeria? Well here is my answer- online business education. Online business diploma programmes are adequately flexible, affordable and effective to empower you to study what you want, how you want and when you want.

Learning The Smart Way 

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You can find several recognised online business diploma courses offered by numerous B-schools and universities worldwide that offer quality business education to aspiring entrepreneurs. The affordability, flexibility, convenience and exceptional job opportunities provided by these programme are unmatched as it allows you to study and work on your business at the same time.

There is no doubt in my mind that online business and management programmes are a more efficient and economic to build your career. Due the several benefits offered by online learning, many students from across the globe, including Nigeria, are opting to earn business degrees online. It time for you to join the group and give your career the boost it deserves so that you can help your community and substantially add to the Nigerian economy.

What do you think about online business education? Let us know by sharing your opinions below.

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