Kindles Enter a Primary School in Ghana to Awaken Students’ Reading Skills



Who said students in Africa are lagging behind in the race to obtain quality education? The Suhum Primary school in Ghana has received digital assistance from the charity Worldleader who has provided kindles to its students. Owing to poor literacy and constant lack of textbooks, kindles were provided in good numbers in the school that can grab the opportunity to help its students study with more interest and pleasure.



Kindles brought peace to Ghana’s Suhum Primary school

No one imagined that such a typical Ghanaian school would be given a brilliant opportunity to enhance its academic standards. The Suhum Primary school has been through years of struggle for failing to provide constant supply of textbooks, which in turn has resulted in poor literacy among students. Where chaos and disorder used to dominate in this school, the introduction of kindles now has brought drastic changes the scenario. Students are now found to take their classes quietly and read books they love.

Students’ reading habits polished through kindles

Kindles indeed have brought massive changes in the study habits of students. Earlier, ‘reading’ was considered to be a typical strategy to educate students here in the classrooms of this Ghanaian school. Now, it seems that the students here are taking absolute pleasure in perfectly reading English stories from their e-readers and that too with soft accents.

An 8-year student, Jessie, who studies in Ghana’s Suhum Primary School, says, “The reader makes things better. It helps me to read and spell. Now it’s easier for my parents to help me with my homework, because I always have the books I need.”

The Worldleader’s initiative has been grand

As part of the Worldreader’s iRead 2 programme, the kindles were distributed in the Suhum Primary School in Ghana. After discovering that children have been deprived of the opportunity to read, the initiative to implement kindles was taken. Since they were not so fragile and not very dependent on connectivity just like laptops and tablets, it was decided to make kindles an integral part of this Ghana project.

Despite scoring high in democratic stability and economic growth, Ghana’s rural areas have always remained poor. Now, the Worldleader brings kindles to around 3,600 students at 10 schools in Ghana. Rather, this initiative has been so successful that students have reported that their reading abilities have improved a lot. Martha, one of the students, said, “I couldn’t read very well before – I had to share a textbook at school and I could never take it home. I think all children should have one of these.”

Kindles motivate students

Kofi Sem Michael, one of the teachers supported the fact that e-readers are really helpful in motivating students. These learning gadgets are so effective that can make classrooms exciting. He adds, “Everyone has their own book, we can give them reading assignments and they are able to do them.” On the other hand, it has been found that it’s not only this Ghanaian primary school producing good results but other schools have also reported that their students have attained an average speed of reading 5 words per minute.

So, technology is playing a crucial role to enhance the academic standards of African nations. In fact, the time has now come to get rid of books and instead use kindles or e-readers to have new learning experiences. With time moreover, schools, colleges and universities will be introducing more and more exclusive learning tools with the intention to give new learning ambiances to career aspirants.

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