Can MOOCs Offer Better Learning Opportunities To Nigerian Youths?

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 At present, the Nigerian education sector is seriously affected due to poor and unstable governments and declining budgets. Several experts believe that education in Nigeria will keep suffering as long as the current conditions persist. It is perhaps for this reason that more and more learners in Nigeria are now opting for online programmes like MOOCS.

In this digital era, online education has become one of the most affordable and effective ways of learning and earning a qualification. This is especially helpful for those students who cannot access traditional on-campus education for various reasons. In fact, several educators and recruiters are now accepting and promoting online learning as it offers some great benefits to students not just in Nigeria, but across the world.

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 Age of digital learning

In the last few years, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have gained much popularity among young and adult learners across Africa. These open online learning courses offer a new platform which expands the reach of education and makes it easily available to learners worldwide in just one click. The fact is, many developing countries like Nigeria have a large number of students who are keen on pursuing higher education. But as there is a lack of proper educational opprotunities, most of them are turning to MOOCs and other online courses. MOOCs offer advanced and helpful online study tools which allows students to study what they want, when they want and how they want.

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Need for online education  

In Nigeria, around 1.7 million applicants took part in UTME 2013 with only 520,000 admission places left available. Last year, UTME 2014 saw around 1.6 million registrations with just around the same number of admission places left available. As a result, more than one million applicants were left out without any hope of getting admitted. The truth is, the rejection rate in most universities across Nigeria is more than 90 per cent.

This is a serious issue which need a lot of attention and those in charge need to take the right action to improve the national education system. However, for now MOOCs are offering a practical solutions to aspiring learners. I have no doubt that it is better alternative to the failing traditional education system as it offers more options and opportunities to the learners.

You can find many world-class MOOC platforms that offer quality education and relevant courses conducted by leading professors and educators. Leading MOOC platforms like Edx, Udacity and Coursera offer both young and adult learners a feasible opportunity to accomplish their academic goals so that they can advance their careers. With constant technological developments, online learning has become more effective and accessible. You can even choose to interact with your fellow learners and instructors through instant messaging, online forums and social media to further enrich your learning experience.

The Bottom Line

MOOCs and other online courses provide students an excellent opportunity pursue higher education in an affordable yet flexible way and enables you to earn an accredited academic qualification. It will not only help you acquire the required skills and knowledge, but also boost your employability and help you start a lucrative career.

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