MOOC Targets High as the Demand Rises

MOOC, a phenomenal opportunity




MOOC is a comparatively new online learning phenomenon that has developed quite fast from what it was five years ago. MOOC is a household name now with considerable media attention and major interest from higher learning institutions. Observing the growing reputation, the venture capitalists are considering it as a lucrative business opportunity to be exploited properly. MOOC can be seen as an an extended version of the existing distance learning approaches through online with regard to free access to courses and convenience; it also comes with an opportunity to think afresh. This new education system is eager to learn from the introducing business models targeting customers comparatively new to the market; also planning working under new policies to approach a diverse environment.

Online Courses planning further goals



“Solving the education problem is a significant challenge and one that requires concerted effort,” Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller said a few days ago. He also added that “If Udacity [and edX] want to go in another direction, I think it’s useful that people are exploring different areas.” Coursera surprised the entire education industry last week by revealing the explosive news of investing another twenty million dollar for open online courses. This moves the amount of total investment to over sixty million dollar. According to Coursera, open online courses have massive opportunities in the market worldwide, now and in near future. But to exploit them appropriately, the system needs to emerge more strongly with more convenient options and try reaching farther. To reach those targets solid investment is required.

Distance learning system matures 

The system that started providing knowledge since the ending of twentieth century has never been so popular among the students. The technological developments over the last few years and the advent of the internet that made all kind of information accessible to the people worldwide helped learners to gain the news about the latest improvements taking place in the education industry. These developments have helped the distance learning system to emerge as a more rational way of acquiring and providing knowledge. For example, billions of dollars have been invested to enrich corporate e-learning and today it has become mandatory training for many companies.   

MOOC offers an engaging learning format 

Learners interested about higher education are more enthusiastic about massive open online courses as they seem to be more helpful according to the news and reviews. Students completed MOOCs say their user friendly format is the biggest attraction. MOOCs, have always strived hard to rope in world-class instructors and exploit the technical advancement to offer more engaging programmes to the learners; so their classes with video instruction that they used from the beginning drew attention of the worldwide learners toward this fresh education system.

MOOCs growing to offer more

Although people opting for online education have varied range of reactions regarding the classes on internet, curiosity for MOOCs has always been common and is increasing every day. Access to quality material and innovative ways of gaining shared learning experiences are the most important ones among the many benefits that open online courses include. Most studies confirm that learners experienced MOOC own skill and aptitude in social networking via internet, helpful technical ideas, work management qualities and many other skills essential to the recent people but haven’t been widely shared so far. With millions of students applying for their courses and providers investing more efforts to allow it to be more effective, MOOCs are heading toward making a history for sure.


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