Talentedge Committed To Boost Information Technology Education In Nigeria

Image Source:bit.ly/1hqGEeS

Image Source:bit.ly/1hqGEeS

In the modern times, technology has a greater role to play in education world. Plenty of technology-based education programmes have been introduced to hone up the individual skills of learners. Technology has made a great impact on education system in almost each and every country. But, there are a few developing countries still fairing not-too-well on this forefront.

Nigeria, one of the Sub-Saharan countries, is one of the African countries where education system is making progress with efforts pouring in from every corner of the world. Recently, some of the premier technology training organisations from India has taken initiative to boost the information technology education in Nigeria; Talentedge is one such Indian company.

Talentedge, the premier technology training company in India has shown a keen interest in spreading the information technology education in Nigeria. It has formed a master franchise agreement with Linkserve, a leading internet company in Nigeria, for expansion of its education technology in African continent.

The deal was signed by Aditya Malik, MD and Sreedevi Sreekumar, Head International Business of Talentedge, and Chima Onyekwere (OON), Founding Chairman of Linkserve Group.

Through its multiple product lines, Talentedge is committed to offer a bunch of learning courses, such as campus learning schemes, government training projects, individual learning programmes and corporate education programmes.

According to the company’s statement, this deal will bring a large number of technology training courses, which have already revolutionised IT learning in India and other developing countries, to the Nigerian market.

The agreement would give consent to Linkserve to expand the educational knowledge base in Nigeria in the company of other sub-franchisees and by opening training centres. This deal is aimed at producing the better trained employment workforce in the Sub-Saharan African country.

Aditya Malik said on the development, “We are extremely delighted to sign an agreement with Linkserve Group as part of our endeavour to change the landscape of education in Nigeria by introducing affordable and quality education for millions of students,” He adds, “Even though we have been operational in Nigeria as karROX, we are now re-entering the country with renewed vigour by partnering with a strong player IT Industry like Linkserve. We hope to replicate the high standards of education set by us in India in Nigeria. Onyekwere said the partnership is in line with the company’s vision to bring to the Nigerian market quality educational training matched with the innovative spirit of Linkserve as a true IT Pioneer in Nigeria.”

Talentedge and Linkserve are committed to help the federal government in context to improving the IT education quality and to make sure that Nigeria makes the best use of technological advancements in this field.

Chima Onyekwere also said that IT manpower outsourcing opportunities today offer immense benefits to entire world and Talentedge is coming to Nigeria with a huge bouquet of technology learning solutions.

Talentedge is aiming to set the benchmark in terms of easy to access and quality education in India as well as abroad.

Talentedge strives hard to provide quality education to students by offering executive education from eminent universities. It provides the certificates of the best colleges in India and international certification bodies. The “Direct to Desktop” solution is an extensive application for training where eminent faculty organises live lectures on virtual platforms and offers the experience of classroom learning through cloud campus.

Each session of the skilfully designed training programme is aimed at offering valuable experience to students as well as employers. They are sure to benefit a lot after the successful completion of each training programme.

Offering education for career advancement and employability, Talentedge is counted among the leading education companies in India. The headquarter of the company is in Mumbai, India and is present across the 28 Indian cities and has a total of 40 centres in other developed and developing nations across South East Asia and Africa.

The deal between Talentedge and Linkserve gives African students and working professional lots of reason to smile and dream of a prosperous career ahead.

So, it is up to the Nigerian people and education concerned organisations to make the very best use of the opportunities being provided by Talentedge.

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