Social Media – EFIKO Mobile App Is Set To Improve Nigeria’s Education Sector

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There is nothing new about the challenges and threats to development of education in Nigeria and how the federal government have been unable to make education accessible for everyone even after so many measures and years. However, with the introduction of a new mobile social quiz platform ( aimed for secondary school students, the scenario is set to improve. The EFIKO mobile application, developed by the nation’s leading social innovation centre Co-Creation Hub (CCHub), was launched to improve the learning and understanding of students with the help of self-assessment and topical quizzes.

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 Merging Education And Social Media

The launch event also acted as an award ceremony which recognised learners who achieved excellence by using the platform since the pilot test in Lagos. Tunji Eleso, Project Incubator of CcHub, claimed the app has combined the power of education with social media to create a crucial mass of learners who can face various academic challenges. Eleso said “Social media is a very powerful tool which most youths use negatively. The reality is that there is competition for the attention of these youths and our goal is to challenge them to, at their leisure, learn by taking the mobile quiz.”

Regarding the functions of the new app, Eleso commented that students can download on different platforms like Nokia S40, Android etc. He added “The 10-question short quiz is to test their knowledge, and at the end of the quiz, they can share their results on facebook with a very simple message ‘I scored this much in this particular subject in the quiz and I challenge you to beat my scores.’ Since the competition for their attention is stiff, visiting has some incentives such as the best students in different subjects and different classes would win Samsung mobile phones at the end of the month. Also, the best students would be promoted on the website.”

Development Of Public Examinations

Eleso believes that currently Nigeria is going through a crisis situation regarding secondary education and this is resulting in unacceptably bad results in public examinations. According to him, the application aims to help the learners in improving their academic performance and accomplishments. He said “Since the application is in accordance with the national curriculum, it would help students in schools that have shortage of teaching materials and teachers to cover the curriculum and equally challenge their mates. This, we believe, is crucial in addressing the challenges of education at the secondary level. ”

CcHub Project Incubator Tunji Eleso further said “When students use this application to study what they learn in school, it would help them know their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects from an early stage and on a term by term basis, thereby leading to an improvement in public examinations. We are also working with publishers and government to ensure that we don’t deviate from the curriculum.”

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Helping Students To Improve? 

EFIKO challenges students to learn more and perform better by achieving better scores and assessing their own improvements. It also enables the students to interact with fellow learners and work with each other through social media.

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