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The capital awarded by the EU supports the traditional institutes to promote the higher education. Now that the Britain has decided to quit from the European Union learning, from lower to higher education, will unquestionably have an adverse influence. The tuition cost and college fees will be on the rise soon, and the rate of higher education participation is expected to decrease. In this scenario distance, learning and online degree courses are imparting the right kind of education to upgrade a student’s academic qualification.

The outcome of Brexit can’t accurately be estimated now, and Britain certainly will have a sudden change in system in which experts can focus on building bankroll that enables UK higher education to bear their entire viewpoint.

Is Brexit a potentially ‘damaging’ component for higher education?

Having the choice of the UK electorate in mind much of the UK’s leading market heads down with the brass tacks of financial progress are up with several hard facts denoting Brexit as a potentially ‘harmful’ constituent for higher education.

The second British have chosen Brexit, the outcome of all parts of British community— and global prosperity too — are starting to be evaluated. Every area linked to business and trade is open for change, comprising the framework of higher education.

Diverse University Class

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In this scenario online study and degree in the UK showing a way out of the present situation. The salient features of online learning are this advanced approach to learning is offering a cost-effective way of education. As the cost of going to physical colleges and universities, on-campus tuitions, reading book are not there the amount of money a student has to pay is less than that of a face-to-face education.

Online degree courses offered by distance learning is much more personalised because the study content is delivered via the internet and through technology enabled devices like smartphone, tabs, and computers. Online learning institutes are relying on a cloud-based content delivery system through which students can download, save and resume their study material, all they have to do is log-in their account.


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Whether you want to upgrade your academic career with a diploma in information technology or want to transmute your professional career with an MBA online degree is the smartest way you have. No matter what your desires are online learning can make your dream come true because this mode of education promises to impart quality education to arm you with hands-on experience.

The sure-fire method to earn an MBA without resigning your job or spending a large sum of money is to join in an Online degree in business and management which will quicken the way to MBA. Or if computers are your thing then an online diploma in information technology will pave you the way for an advance career that you always crave for.

Technology and business affect on nearly each and every perspective of our daily life, and as a result, e-learning opening wide shots of employment in several distinguished organizations to the learners. And apparently, all these jobs will advance the future of a learner into an upgraded one.


The Buzz Around New Trends That Comes Into Play In The Educational Ecosystem

The framework of 21st-century education system is changing fast. Online learning has become as essential mode of learning, various learning tools are gaining its place in classrooms, student analytics are being used to monitor engagement, and universities are adopting e-learning to run a parallel education ecosystem. This, in a nutshell, is the present-day scenario of education system.


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Online learning, undoubtedly, is making a big difference in passing on knowledge. This is because this mode of learning is bridging the gap between education infused with hands-on experience that is needed to upskill and knowledge that is being imparted by the traditional institutes. What comes to mind after taking a closer look at this situation is – How technology is enhancing the overall learning experience?

The sure thing is, technology, like every other aspect of life, has its upper hand on education. And if you manage to zero in on the young learners everywhere around you there is a fair chance of seeing them opting for their studies. This is where advanced technology comes handy. Let’s weigh up the advantages of technology-infused learning.

E-learning. Learning, in this mode, is delivered online through smart-phones, tabs, and other technology enabled devices. The availability of learning increases due to this. Whenever a learner gets the internet connection he can opt to continue his lessons.

Cloud-based learning system. Internet is the source of everything and learning is made easy by the suffusion of advanced technology like internet. But what if there is no connection? Thanks to cloud-based learning system with which you can download, save and reuse your resources whenever you feel the need.

Social Media learning platform. The impact of Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites in our lives can’t be denied. Online learning harnesses the power of those social networking sites to enhance the engagement of learning by asking questions posting answers and sharing thoughts.

Multimedia learning. Whether your want your students to understand the complex anatomic structure of our body as an educator or you want to get into the core a atomic structure of a novel gas as an inspired learner the best way to understand all these is to bank on online learning as this mode of learning comprise of video-based or in a broader sense multimedia based learning. Wonder how we manage to memorise lyrics of new-age ‘blues’ and forget the what we a taught in school a day before? It’s because multimedia learning has a magnifying effect on our memorising power, it magnifies it to a certain degree. Imagine how audio-visual learning can help the learners memorising their study.


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Augmented Reality. This, perhaps, is the most recently added feature that enhances the effect of 3d learning space to back up active learning. With relative technology and hardware students experience an ambience artificially created that vouches for intuitive learning. The ambience created by augmented reality can be tailored as per students requirement.

Those are the techniques that online learning is intertwining with the educational system to enhance the user engagement of the learners. Apart from these e-learning institutes initiates bite-sized learning to make learning shorter, sharper and easy to assimilate. And all these new trends and technologies are proved to be more effective than the traditional mode of learning.

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Fresh Opportunities in Nigeria with E-Learning!



“Technology-wise, yes we are ready. Internet access has improved and there are even places you can go to study online that provide you with reliable internet and electricity. Most people have access to a laptop or desktop computer and many even know how to use it. So technology-wise we are ready,” said Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at, a platform that works with universities, organisations and governments to provide young Africans with affordable access to the best educational content online, offline and on mobile. E-learning for the people of Nigeria has emerged as a boon. Millions, who couldn’t afford education because of improper resources and financial predicaments, have an affordable, flexible and relevant option to acquire knowledge. They are learning through internet!

Online for Development:

With the advent of internet and growing popularity of electronic gadgets, online mode of study seems to be a reasonable way to educate citizens of developing regions. But the process is still in its infancy and is in need of major help. The mission of launching online education in countries like Africa has never been only providing degrees but to spread awareness, offer knowledge and impart training to help them grow as efficient workers. “We are still light years behind others countries. Nigerian e-learning content is often badly designed and instructional design for online courses still seems foreign to our e-learning content landscape. This is one of the reasons we have had to focus on selling foreign courses because the local courses we saw were quite simply not up to snuff”, added Aboyeji. But with big names and programmes getting involved in the process, it seems that Nigerian Education is rapidly walking toward the success of the mission.

Recent attempts to promote e-Learning…

  • A partnership recently happened between ITSA Business Consult and Trivantis Corporation, USA has decided to foster the development of Learning Management System and e-learning among Nigerian Organisations to automate the delivery of training materials and boost e-learning growth across the economy. The programme right now will be focusing on Coursemill LMS and Lectora e-learning software preferred by around 2000 global companies. “Joining with ITSA Business Consult allows Trivantis to continue to provide effective e-Learning solutions to companies and organizations worldwide,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Trivantis, Peter Bray expecting effective results with enhanced resources. He added that “Through this partnership, developers in Nigeria will gain access to Lectora e-Learning software from ITSA Business Consult”.
  • Aerial Fibre Network operator, Phase3 Telecom is confident that their initiative will certainly improve the quality of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Nigeria. Their e-Learning initiative aims to offer top notch e-solutions to the Nigerian education sector, including e-Health, e-Banking, e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Payment and many more. Their e-Learning solution is called 3CEi innovation and was launched in 2013 to endorse a solid foundation for Nigerian students in ICT knowledge development at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The Chief Executive Officer of Phase3 Telecom, Mr. Stanley Jegede, in an interview at the Centagon International School (TCIS) in Abuja recently, said that – the company would continue to be committed to the deployment of 3CEi in schools since its programmes are targeted at helping schools to inspire and motivate the ICT innovations among tech savvy pupils and students. The programmes that have been made into an audio-visual format in English and French will also be converted to Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba Languages very soon.

Improving educational experience and enhance professional efficiency have always been a huge challenge for Nigerian people. It’s good that now we see the opportunity too. People, who couldn’t afford to access classroom or textbook, today learn through video conferences, exciting games, and live interactions. Moreover, students in Nigeria can now collect tips from international experts and degrees from world class universities and it’s all because of e-learning!

Who Can Extract Maximum Benefits From Online Degrees?

Many higher study aspirants consider online courses as an alternative to regular classroom learning. Students nursing a desire to attain bigger professional and personal goals by expanding their educational qualification are falling in love with these practical alternatives. However, the academic world today is abuzz with the discussion on whether online degrees are for all or not.

Some educationalists suggest that online education is not appropriate for all types of students and only the technologically sound students should go for these courses. On the other hand, some well-known researchers in education field have identified three types of learners to be benefitted a lot by online degrees.

Find out whether you are among those learners or belong to different tribe:

Learners who perform consistently well

Many students perform consistently well and get commendable grades all the time. Passing examination from traditional colleges is an easy task for them. For constant student development, educational curriculum and examination method need to be tough and challenging, which traditional colleges lack in. There are host of online colleges providing quality education and accelerated programs to fast forward your career growth. Then again, course structure and tuition fees of online colleges are flexible. Completing online courses on time is a real challenge even for the brilliant students.

Learners who have just passed out from high-schools

Many learners these days enter the higher learning realm with only high-school degrees. Opting for a four year course and spending a sizeable amount of money do not make sense, particularly when you have several online colleges accepting and transferring credits. You can opt for an associate degree and transfer the credit to the next college, online or offline. This will save considerable amount of money and time to you, as you can complete the course in less than 4 years.

Learners keen to study something unconventional

Besides business courses, criminal justice degrees, IT and computer science degrees, there are many other out of the ordinary courses which today’s learners want to discover and learn. As many students like to study Pastoral Care or Small Business Management or Counselling, online colleges provide all the modern and contemporary courses to you.

Hence, online line covers almost every type of students. However, one should research well to find out the accreditation of online college before enrolling in it.



Online learning will transform the Education System

The traditional education system was built around schools, colleges, academies and universities. But in the present scenario, online learning system which earlier started to provide education to children with disability, working professionals, advance placement programs and test preparation etc., approaching mainstream education. Web based tools are now used to expand the online system and managing the process of schedule, providing books, tests and teacher-student conversation. Web based system is now present in every area: schools, colleges, universities, training centers and corporate education.

Traditional educationFor the last two decades online education has brought significant changes in the traditional education system. We have begun to understand the potential of online learning. A 2010 U.S. Department of Education study concluded that “students who took all or part of their classes online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.” (Quote source:

The emergence of online learning in the past few years has grown so much that many schools and universities have become global institutions. Students and teachers both have given positive feedback about online learning experience. They can share their diverse ideas and opinion in front of their virtual global classroom via various online tools. It has also been found that students get engage more in online courses in compare to regular courses. Various reasons due to which the online education is growing are as follows:

  • Students living in the places where education system is less developed, want to study from a renowned university can study via online.
  • It’s also a wise option for somebody who can’t relocate due to many reasons but want a higher qualification.
  • Working people who want to get higher education for career growth but can’t give up their job, can study via online while continue to work.
  • It’s a good option for a physically disabled person and for some body who had to give up studies.
  • This medium of education is not so costly.
  • It is flexible so students can study according to their time.
  • It provides the benefit of anytime anywhere study, online access and interaction.

“I think online learning is going to be transformative. Traditional education is never going to be the same again; it has already education systemchanged. Those traditional institutions that embrace these new technologies can improve education drastically.” says Anant Agarwal, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and president of edX, a leading provider of massive open online courses, known as Moocs. (Comment source:

At edX they believe that everybody should have access to the high-quality education. Technology is applied to improve the educational quality. With the use of internet technology, education has become accessible to many people. Instant feedback can be given and query can be solved. Students can rewind the lectures, hit the pause button when they have some work and even mute the lecturer while reading the study material. Online education has indeed transformed the way traditional education was perceived.

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Learning Made Fun with E-Learning

Our workforce and its environment is changing dramatically. More and more tools and technologies are being launched to make the learning application meet the learning style of the present generation. With the modernization of education e- learning has presented the next generation with easier learning solutions. The reach of these solutions is so widespread that even the remotest corners of the globe are lightened by the presence of online and distance learning courses nowadays.

E-learning is the new age solution giving learners all the benefits that they so far could not avail of with the traditional courses. Have you ever thought how your learning content would look on a mobile device? Learning on the go and from wherever and whenever you want is the new age mantra for the 21st century students and professionals.


E-Learning makes Studies more Interesting

Learning will now be fun. It gives the learner the user experience. It involves self reliance and gives scope for self improvement. If you had to picture this that the professor is standing in front of the auditorium and talking in a monotonous voice for hours. How many students do you think will be awake by the time the class ends? On the other hand would it not be interesting to attend a virtual classroom with a dynamic and engaging professor engaging students with objective lessons? It is the same content delivering different user experience. And this is where e-learning scores above traditional mode of learning in terms of popularity. When we talk of fun, it is fun from the learner’s perspective and it means that there is no waste of time.

Using of state of the art tools and technologies, web based study materials and all the modern features is what best describes this new age learning solution. Universities all across the globe are now taking initiatives to offer this form of learning to the students. The top UK universities as well offer online graduate courses and online postgraduate courses. These courses are tailored to meet all the needs of students and working professionals like. These courses offer a synergy between incorporating the most updated technologies and the already existing ones.

With the passage of time this mode of learning is expected to come out bigger and better and help learners enjoy the learning experience and retain the information longer.