Nigerian Girls : Despite Of Being Essential, Struggling For Education

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In spite of the plight of over 200 Nigerian school girls, who were abducted by insurgents, demanding the attention of the world’s media, there is still a lack of focus on the different issues related to gender politics and education in the country.

Most Nigerian Kids Are Out Of School

Currently, Nigeria has the largest number of kids who are out of school. Among the 57 million children in the world who are unable to access educational opportunities, over 10 million of them are in Nigeria; and the number is rising even further. Most of the out of school kids are usually girls, primarily in the Muslim dominated north. However, among the girls who are lucky enough to enrol, around 66 per cent finish only primary school and even fewer female students complete secondary school. In territories where women hold a lower status in society, most parents prefer that their girls work in the market than attend school. The fact is lack of proper education greatly affects the probabilities of a child to escape poverty. As a result of this, most girls become married before they are even 16 years old.

Most families can demand a bride price for their daughters, which is rarely related to their academic accomplishments. Hence, most parents are deterred from sending their daughters to school and encourage them to learn.

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 Taking The Right Action

ActionAid, an anti-poverty charity, has been constantly striving to challenge some rotten beliefs in northern Nigeria, as far as educating a girl child is concerned. The group has worked with religious leaders and local communities to help promote education for girls. Moreover, the team is also pushing for recruiting more women educators as it encourages parents to send their daughters to schools where most teachers are women. Moreover, constructing safe and secure lavatories for girls also motivates most girls to go to school.

It should be mentioned that social thinking and attitudes are gradually changing in different areas of north Nigeria. However, much more can be accomplished with better investment. As it is, accessing additional funds still remains a big challenge. Even though Nigeria is currently considered as the largest economy in Africa, the nation still invests little in developing education, compared to every other African nation. However, if Nigeria increases its tax base and challenges tax avoidance, then the federal government can easily raise more funds for education.

Offering Sufficient Funding 

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Providing additional funding to Nigerian schools would help to transform educational institutes in a positive way. Unfortunately, the trend is going completely the opposite way. Due to increasing uncertainty over different kind of social adversities, the government has been compelled to close down a number of schools. Despite of the unpropitious scenario, Nigerian government needs to make sure the buildings remain open, diverting focus on the poor security at schools as that will be the only positive measure to challenge all the negative concerns.

In addition to demanding significant action for bringing back our girls, we also need to demand substantial investment and development in education across Nigeria. Communities must also realise that it is imperative that we educate our girls as this is the only way to make sure that our country and economy truly progresses.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share your views and opinions by commenting below & rise your hands to the girls’ education all over the country.

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