Airtel & UNICEF Collaborate To Empower African Children And Youth

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Most countries in the continent of Africa are currently facing severe challenges regarding healthcare and education. Although the federal governments of different nations are taking a number of steps to counter the situation, still the difficulties are proving far too great for the authorities to deal with alone. Hence, in order to provide a helping hand, Bharti Airtel and UNICEF have joined forces to offer better health and education solutions to people across the continent.

Improving Access To Health And Education

This new partnership, which has planned to extend their agreement, aims to provide better and simpler access to information resources related to education and health. Both UNICEF and Bharti Airtel are dedicated to help people in 17 different African nations to improve their lives by accessing new innovations. Apart from promoting innovative projects from UNICEF, it will improve the access to education and health-related information throughout the continent.

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UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is a United Nations Programme works for promoting the wellbeing and rights of children in over 190 countries across the world. Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the major global telecommunications companies that operate in more than in 20 countries across Asia and Africa.

Regarding the partnership, Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Africa, Christian de Faria, said “Airtel is committed to providing innovative solutions that overcome access and quality challenges around the delivery of services. Our partnership with UNICEF provides an opportunity to deploy mHealth innovations that can support healthcare systems and provide helpful education-related information.”

The UNICEF and Bharti Airtel partnership will focus on 17 different African countries, namely Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Chad and Burkina Faso in West and Central Africa; and Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Uganda, Seychelles, Rwanda, Madagascar, Malawi and Kenya in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Better Access To Applications And Services

As a result of the agreement, UNICEF will be able to utilise the world-class mobile services offered by Airtel, operating in more than 20 nations across Asia and Africa. It will help to make available content focussed on education, health and youth to Airtel consumers in all the 17 African countries. With the help of better connectivity, increasing number of Africans will be able to gain free access to mobile services and applications that have been developed by UNICEF, namely U-report, eduTrac and mTrac.

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Sharad Sapara, Director of UNICEF’s Innovation Centre in Nairobi, said “Access to information is a basic human right, and is fundamental to UNICEF’s innovation agenda. Without access to information children and young people are stifled and cannot make the right decisions on matters concerning them. By improving connectivity, this partnership has the potential to empower millions of African children and youth with information and opportunities to help them become agents of change in their societies.”

Empowering The African Youth

According to UNICEF, the partnership will significantly advance connectivity for millions of children and youth in the continent and empower them with better opportunities so that they can become the important agents of change for their respective communities.

What do you think about the efforts of Airtel and UNICEF in Africa? How else do you think they can help to promote education and health in Africa? Leave your thoughts and comments below. We would love to have a look.

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