The State Of Business Education In Nigeria – A Quick Overview

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Nowadays business education has become one of the most popular higher education qualifications for students across the world. You can see increasing number of students applying for business programmes in reputed B-schools in their home country as well as abroad. The trend can also be observed in Nigeria and other African nations as a business degree will not only give you an edge over your competitors, but it will make you eligible for a number of employment opportunities in this intensely competitive job market.

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 Studying Business In Nigeria

There is no doubt that business education can help Nigerian youths, both students and professionals, to gain the right skills and build a lucrative career anywhere in the world. You will be able to achieve professional success and prove your skills as a business leader or manager in the international corporate world. This will certainly allow you to earn exceptionally high salaries and create a better life for you and your family.

However, as the education system in Nigeria seems rather dysfunctional and flawed, most students have a hard time pursuing quality business education. Many educationists claim that entire Africa has only 90 business schools when there is a population of more than one billion. This number is seriously alarming. Eleanor Whitehead focuses on an important issue in the article Africa: Business Education – the TIA Survey.” The continent has a comparatively small number of B-schools spread across almost 6 nations in the continent. This means that around 54 African countries do not have even one business management school. However, the scenario is somewhat better in South Africa, the wealthiest economy in Africa, as there are adequate management schools that offer quality business education and training.

Changing The Business Education Sphere  

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But there is still hope as many institutes are trying to expand the reach of their programmes by offering a number of online courses so that students in remote areas can access them easily. Moreover, in Nigeria alone there are more than 19 reputed business schools such as The Delta Business School, Warri Business School (WBS), University of Lagos Business School, Obafemi Awolowo University Business School, University of Ilorin Business School and others.

Some Nigerian Universities, such as the Madonna University (Okija Campus), the business education department is in the faculty of Arts/Education.The viewpoint of the business education in the faculty of Arts/ Education has risen as a result of the National Policy on Education (NPE).

The Department of Business Education is dedicated to attain specific goals, some of which are mentioned here-

  • To encourage the right type of attitudes and significances for the betterment of Nigerian people and society.
  • To train the learners in an effective way so that they can properly understand the real world and deal with various scenarios.
  • To obtain the necessary skills, capabilities and aptitudes that will allow our students to significantly add to the overall societal improvement once they graduate.

The fact remains that business education enables you to become a better business leader and help businesses grow. This will directly add to the Nigerian economy and result in the development of communities across the nation.

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