Knowledge and Skills Matter More than Grades in Today’s Business Sector


If some of the noted educationists are to be believed, going to top ranked colleges and universities alone is not enough to fetch you a coveted job profile. It is a wake-up call for all the students, teachers and parents too. It is of little relevance at the workplace whether you have top grades or have attended the elite colleges, if you possess the required skills, you will be considered as a suitable candidate for the job.

Is creativity more precious than formal education?

It may seem surprising to you but the global leaders in corporate sector today belong to same school of thought: “learning-by-making rules;” “Imagination is more important than knowledge;” and “learning to learn is more important than memorizing information.”

Do not get this thought or the current hiring practices at the biggest companies wrong. Grades are important, as they reflect your expertise in the skills required by the organizations and companies today. Obtaining high grades indicates your natural talent or ability to learn certain skills that may not be acquired naturally.

However, one has to become the master of the basic skills in order to keep up at today’s workplace. It does not matter whether you have acquired them in K12, college, or learned while on the job, you must hone your basic skills to rub your shoulders with the best in business.

Job seekers must have new knowledge and skills

Educationists and business leaders believe that job seekers must have new knowledge and skills, such as inventive thinking, fluent digital participation, coding and making digital stuff, digital communication, digital literacy, in order to get into almost in all fields like business, government, entertainment, health and education.

Most leading companies consider the old basic skills as insufficient, so candidates must focus on learning the new basic skills. It means they should have the ability to ask big questions, see connections, think originally and follow leads, draw parallels, and think creatively, objectively and collaboratively. One should know that innovation and learning skills are the key to success for big organisations.

The articulation of soft skills of innovation, teamwork, leadership, humility, and ownership is quite strong in the leading companies. They may be considered as soft skills but constitute an essential combination to the innovation. Seldom you see individual breakthroughs leading to innovation, but revolve around the collaborative group work that demands personal adaptability.

Anyone with an experience of working in R&D and tech organisation in academia and industry knows that working in teams is tough, as they are unsure of the role they might be given the next day. According to some business leaders, to know when and how to present yourself, when and how to hold back, and when and how to implement influence and teach or direct are the skills that differentiate emergent leadership from the traditional leadership.

traditional leadership


It is known fact that successful innovation can only be achieved through learning, imagination, and by exact data, for which one absolutely requires humility. Hence, it is essential to create the learning environment, where people can inspire their brain though imaginative thinking, brainstorming, researching and innovative ideas.

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