Online Learning – A Trend that Journeyed with New Innovations for Career Builders

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Since classroom learning dominated for generations, the majority of students, educators and even employers had a belief that there cannot be any other reliable mode of obtaining education. But later when the World Wide Web started easing lives of people, the concept of online education popularised. Despite, a lot of critics had their brows raised in regard to the implementation of such courses into schools, colleges and universities. However, the factors that led people to take up online learning strategies were temperament and self-realisation.

From postal orders to BYOD

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Earlier, distance learning courses were conducted through postal orders and students used to receive their study materials on their personal addresses. Later, the major factor that made online education globally popular was the rapid growth in technology. With the launch of a wide range of digital learning tools, students realised the worth of choosing such a learning mode that can let them study at their own convenience and save a good deal of money.

Although the idea of using digital learning tools and apps for studies came later, there were those dial-up connections that used to be the initial source of connecting students to the virtual platforms. Even the blackboards today have been replaced with new electronic whiteboards that make online learners take more interest in their studies. In fact, the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning is slowly grabbing attention of school and university administrators, and experts have even predicted that there will be a time when students would be entering classrooms with their own kindles and tablets instead of books.

As per recent reports:

  • In the United States, over 2 million undergraduates and 650,000 graduates were reported to be studying at distance
  • The majority of these students were found to be either over 20s or were balancing their professional and personal duties

The fact that online education is growing in popularity with the passage of time has been proved with the worldwide acceptance of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Moreover, reports said that 6 universities were added to edX, one of the world’s renowned online learning platforms. As per the researchers, MOOCs have already created hype on a global basis and now they are aiming to enable students and working professionals obtain quality education.

As per the Online College Students 2012:

  • Around 14% of the students were found to enrol in full-time online courses for completing higher studies
  • 31% of the students were found to enrol in at least one online course

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Even countries in Africa are now making smarter moves in implementing online courses for remote students. Nigeria was recently declared to be the only African nation with the highest population of internet users and the Iranian government has also taken the initiative to get scholarship programme for the Nigerian students.

So, online education can be called a future resolution for new age learners who would be rather exposed to new opportunities and high career prospects. What we need to find out now are the new innovations and implementations that would give virtual learners a new set of expectations to meet their career goals with ease.

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