Nigeria to Strengthen Academically, confirms the 2014 Education Budget

The 2014 education budget in Nigeria has showed a 15% hike in comparison to what was observed in 2013. As per the stakeholders, the budget has brought promising results as well as a note of relief for the education sector that had faced tough times for years. Although it has fallen short of UNESCO by 26%, the fair percentage of hike will surely bring a significant impact on the Nigerian education sector.

Nigeria’s education standards to strengthen

The education budget proposal for Nigeria in 2014 was N493 billion that represents 10.7% of the total national budget which comes to around N4.6 trillion. In fact, this has exceeded the 2013 budget by 15% and has therefore strengthened Nigeria’s expectations in emerging to be a country with a standardised education system. The educational stakeholders have even opined that this will altogether eliminate different issues arising in the sector. For instance:

  • Funding will not seem adequate
  • Infrastructure will be strengthened
  • New qualified teachers will be recruited
  • Teachers will be given the opportunity to upgrade themselves and keep up to the evolving trends

Establishing the right partnership is essential


The stakeholders also believe that if the education operators and the Federal Government enter into the right partnership, there would be certainly massive improvements. The head of the Department of Banking and Finance at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Adolphus Toby said that the 15% hike clearly indicate the plans to be adopted by the current administration for the education sector that had been neglected by consecutive governments.

According to the former executive secretary of the Nigerian Universities Commission, Peter Okebukola, the 2014 education budget was extremely satisfactory since there had already been a steady hike in the education allocation every year since the time the current administration had taken charge. Well, it also indicated that the government has finally recognised the importance of education in identifying challenges faced by the nation. In this respect, Peter said, “Education is the clear solution to a lot of the problems facing the country and the key for unlocking natural resources.”

Kano in Nigeria to receive scholarship from the Iranian government


The Government of the Republic of Iran would moreover be offering scholarship to the Nigerian state Kano for letting individuals study Agriculture and Engineering in Iranian public universities. Sa’eed Koozechi, the Ambassador of Iran to Nigeria made this declaration while visiting the Kano State Governor. He said, “Iran wishes to cooperate with Kano in education and agriculture because you have natural and human resources and we have the expertise to support you to fully exploit the potentials for economic prosperity.”

The governor was informed by Koozechi that Nigeria had excelled in engineering and petrochemicals and this would help the Kano city to achieve global exposure. Besides, the scholarship will toughen the bilateral relationship between the countries that will also bring positive effects on their education systems.

The Kano state will therefore be working hand-in-hand with the government of Iran to bring improvement in areas like education, agriculture, engineering and many such critical areas, as per Governor Kwankwaso.

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