Nigeria Ties Up With Positive Policies To Endorse Education!




A child without education is like a bird without wings – says a famous Tibetan proverb. If explained, this sentence would probably mean that you will never be able to relish life if you are deprived of the most important equipments, and that is of course education. Nations scoring poor in educational field are often seen suffering from poverty, corruption and violence. People, here, making their living out of nothingness have scarcely known the taste of being alive.

Education in Nigeria: Now and Then

We are grateful that technology has helped us move faster than we expected. From books and classrooms, education especially, has come a long way. Education for the entire world has evolved largely; students these days carry classes in their pockets, learn with peers across the globe, and earn degrees at home. The mission is to provide best knowledge, launch a system for all and encourage lifelong learning. Not only technologically advanced countries, but millions from developing regions are also making most of it. African countries, particularly Nigeria that was long deprived of educational and professional opportunities now have several avenues cropping up with online education.

Nigeria, fifteen years back was only aware of three fundamentally distinct education systems: the first one was indigenous system, Quranic schools were the other option, and they also had formal European-style education institutions. Indigenous system that involved school-going population to a great extent was actually diverting young Nigerians from formal education. So, how to integrate these people in a proper learning environment was a question that kept the experts baffled for years.

Nigeria, since its birth has witnessed the system going through several changes with an intention to provide more effective education. And from 1969, the birth of Curriculum Conference; National Policies on Education have kept evolving to improve the quality.  A major initiative taken in 2004 to adopt education as an instrument ‘par excellence’ for endorsing national development has stimulated the growth to a great deal. Recently, the learning institutions are going for tie-ups with international groups with a purpose to launch a relevant, affordable, and flexible learning style to enlighten the citizens of Nigeria. The administrative leaders are supporting online mode of study for better learning experience.



Good educational policies in the country can bring…

Good Leaders: Education is the only way to encourage skills. Knowledge and practice that bring qualities forth help the nations achieve efficient leaders. Curriculum only designed to make them productive in a society but innovative doesn’t really help the economy to expand.

Employment Opportunities: The reason behind most of the people picking up conventional options is of course lack of fresh curriculum and pedagogy in the country. Apart from that, entrepreneurial skills that open up new possibilities for a country are being wasted owing to lack of guidance. With proper education policies, a nation not only earns knowledge but ascertains fresh opportunities in the market.

Technological Progress: People with higher qualification and advanced knowledge help a country to make significant progresses in technological sphere. It is technological invention and innovation that helped us to form a brand new world within the last few decades. And this is hardly possible without proper knowledge and training.

More precisely, in a country without education, most of the citizens learn the art of surviving but not living. Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world; it’s good that the people have started admitting it and making slow but steady progress toward it.


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