Fresh Opportunities in Nigeria with E-Learning!



“Technology-wise, yes we are ready. Internet access has improved and there are even places you can go to study online that provide you with reliable internet and electricity. Most people have access to a laptop or desktop computer and many even know how to use it. So technology-wise we are ready,” said Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at, a platform that works with universities, organisations and governments to provide young Africans with affordable access to the best educational content online, offline and on mobile. E-learning for the people of Nigeria has emerged as a boon. Millions, who couldn’t afford education because of improper resources and financial predicaments, have an affordable, flexible and relevant option to acquire knowledge. They are learning through internet!

Online for Development:

With the advent of internet and growing popularity of electronic gadgets, online mode of study seems to be a reasonable way to educate citizens of developing regions. But the process is still in its infancy and is in need of major help. The mission of launching online education in countries like Africa has never been only providing degrees but to spread awareness, offer knowledge and impart training to help them grow as efficient workers. “We are still light years behind others countries. Nigerian e-learning content is often badly designed and instructional design for online courses still seems foreign to our e-learning content landscape. This is one of the reasons we have had to focus on selling foreign courses because the local courses we saw were quite simply not up to snuff”, added Aboyeji. But with big names and programmes getting involved in the process, it seems that Nigerian Education is rapidly walking toward the success of the mission.

Recent attempts to promote e-Learning…

  • A partnership recently happened between ITSA Business Consult and Trivantis Corporation, USA has decided to foster the development of Learning Management System and e-learning among Nigerian Organisations to automate the delivery of training materials and boost e-learning growth across the economy. The programme right now will be focusing on Coursemill LMS and Lectora e-learning software preferred by around 2000 global companies. “Joining with ITSA Business Consult allows Trivantis to continue to provide effective e-Learning solutions to companies and organizations worldwide,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Trivantis, Peter Bray expecting effective results with enhanced resources. He added that “Through this partnership, developers in Nigeria will gain access to Lectora e-Learning software from ITSA Business Consult”.
  • Aerial Fibre Network operator, Phase3 Telecom is confident that their initiative will certainly improve the quality of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Nigeria. Their e-Learning initiative aims to offer top notch e-solutions to the Nigerian education sector, including e-Health, e-Banking, e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Payment and many more. Their e-Learning solution is called 3CEi innovation and was launched in 2013 to endorse a solid foundation for Nigerian students in ICT knowledge development at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The Chief Executive Officer of Phase3 Telecom, Mr. Stanley Jegede, in an interview at the Centagon International School (TCIS) in Abuja recently, said that – the company would continue to be committed to the deployment of 3CEi in schools since its programmes are targeted at helping schools to inspire and motivate the ICT innovations among tech savvy pupils and students. The programmes that have been made into an audio-visual format in English and French will also be converted to Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba Languages very soon.

Improving educational experience and enhance professional efficiency have always been a huge challenge for Nigerian people. It’s good that now we see the opportunity too. People, who couldn’t afford to access classroom or textbook, today learn through video conferences, exciting games, and live interactions. Moreover, students in Nigeria can now collect tips from international experts and degrees from world class universities and it’s all because of e-learning!


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