Teaching: A Demanding Job That Still Good

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The education system needs teachers and there are many who detest the idea of having to ‘dictate’ a class of young minds, but a teacher’s job is not to dictate but to ‘educate’ or share with students, ideas and theories, they need to know to get ahead in life. The minute the definition of a teacher is clear to people, the opportunities start opening up and teaching, as a profession, doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Teaching: Through the Eyes of Tony Ryan

There are many who believe that teaching is comfortable and easy job. On the contrary, teaching is actually a challenging task that requires tremendous amount of patience. The job is still good but it is not exactly an easy choice. Handling a class for 40 minutes, keeping the students involved and inside the classroom is demanding indeed. Tony Ryan, the head teacher of Chiswick School, left school with three O-Levels at the age of 16 to start an apprenticeship to become a car mechanic.

He learned a lot during his apprenticeship and changed his entire learning experience. While completing his apprenticeship, he felt grown up as he was treated like one and was given importance. In fact, while learning on the job, he discovered a new meaning to science. As he grew as a car mechanic, he slowly started to feel that his job was becoming tedious. He also wanted to complete his education, but with the demand on the floor, he couldn’t. Till one day he saw that Inner London Education Authority was sponsoring individuals to start a two year degree in teaching. He wanted to do the degree not to teach but to return to the industry and maybe move into management.

His Years as a Teacher

However, while studying, he got himself a job at school as there was a shortage of teachers. As destiny would have it, he found himself teaching A-Levels only in his first year. As he taught, he discovered that it was a good job but it also had its set of difficulties. Next he taught at an estate school where things were really difficulty. He had to teach students with drug problems and had middle class, working parents. The bunch was hard to handle as different methods had to be applied to handle and control situations.

The Bottom Line

So basically, he discovered that teaching was indeed a respectable career option but was an extremely challenging and demanding job. As students vary in behaviour, it becomes very important for the teacher to adopt various ways to control a class, so that they can contain and engage them for a 40 minute class.


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