Online Education Meeting The Demands For Free and Quality Education In Africa!

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Why only a group of people could think of higher education a few years ago? Financial hurdle has always been a big reason for most of the people. But money apart, the stringent education system offered few scopes to many; as people with difficult time schedules, professional and personal engagements, geographical and physical impediments could hardly benefit from learning institutions. Thanks to technological development! The fateful time of education is over. Now, internet brings you affordable, flexible and convenient learning solutions at a flick!

Millions across the globe have chosen online classes to achieve effective education. And from nations of the first world to the developing ones have stepped forward to offer better learning experience to their citizens. The big players among them are:

The United States

The educational market of the US has flourished significantly with the advent of online learning options. With a record enrollment in virtual classes, the country is topping the list of online popularity. According to the survey report conducted in 2013 by the Babson Survey Research Group more than 7 million people are taking at least one online course in the country. The country has set an example for many and inspiring the world to design better education.

United Kingdom

The place that has always been preferred by the scholars far and wide; it’s no different in the twenty first. A range of people have started seeking suitable courses from different parts of the world as the UK Universities decided to go online. With millions of interests from different parts the industry and the government are working together toward developing better online resources for learners all over.

The other important names on the list are:

Australia: The country is showing some impressive results in online education. The urge to sign up for new courses has even been quite prominent during the economic downturn (2008-09). As per reports, the market has grown almost 20% over the last few years.

The advantages have also attracted students from countries like India, China, Malaysia and South Africa.

Combination of technology and education is a breakthrough for African students!

Demand for quality knowledge was always there in South Africa. But a few could afford learning further than basics as resources and finance were big hurdles. With the introduction of online opportunity the country has seen major developments in higher educational sector. The educational industry and the administration are striving hard to benefit from all the qualities of new age learning. They have successfully developed online resources across the country to improve education in schools and colleges simultaneously.

Education is the key to development. The innovative methods of learning are being widely implemented in the western African region. Nigeria for instance is an important name.

“There are a lot of young people in Africa who could be Steve Jobs, but most of them will die without living their full potential,” says Ndubuisi Ekekwe, founder of First Atlantic Semiconductors and Microelectronics, one of Africa’s leading microelectronics firms. Africa as considered by the reports on world education is a country having the biggest amount of displeased students. The current population of the young adult is over 200 million whereas only 5% of them register for higher levels; a few manage to fly abroad and the rest which 190 million quit without option.

Shortage of teachers, poor infrastructure, poor quality resources, and financial stringency – reasons are many behind the country’s disappointing education but it’s improving fortunately. Technology is transforming education in Nigeria in real sense. According to author Anya Kamentz online colleges have started taking waves in America. She appreciates entrepreneurial efforts in Kenya and Nigeria being endorsed by some big companies enhancing massive open online courses and other open distance learning resources that are opening fresh avenues for the citizens toward a better future.

Attempt like “Tablet of Knowledge” is quite commendable as it is utilizing the advantages of technological development to improve learning experience of the country. “We just introduced a tool for learning called ‘tablet of knowledge.’ It is an electronic platform with three segments; the first segment is the E-library covering all the subjects being taught in the state. The second is the test segment, where you have 40,000 questions, and the third segment is where students have audio interaction with their teachers,” said Rauf Aregbesola, the governor of Nigeria’s Osun state. Getting education online has become far easier as schools, colleges and other learning centers are now able to provide necessary equipments to their students.

“In our collective resolve to drive a knowledge base economy, government has already concluded arrangement to adopt a free education for all indigene at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the state,” declared Kwankwaso in Kano. And experts believe that their initiatives in providing free and low-cost education have been important milestones in the history of world academy.

Learners, educators and experts think it’s a blissful time for students around the world as for the first time the whole world has collaborated to build an effective learning environment implementing the best of technology. It’s a godsend for people residing in developing regions as financial obstacles, social turbulence, and lack of proper resources – the number of reasons that have been impeding their growth and prosperity are soon to disappear. Now, you can earn degrees from UK University sitting in Nigeria. Yes, it’s all so easy now!


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  1. […] We are grateful that technology has helped us move faster than we expected. From books and classrooms, education especially, has come a long way. Education for the entire world has evolved largely; students these days carry classes in their pockets, learn with peers across the globe, and earn degrees at home. The mission is to provide best knowledge, launch a system for all and encourage lifelong learning. Not only technologically advanced countries, but millions from developing regions are also making most of it. African countries, particularly Nigeria that was long deprived of educational and professional opportunities now have several avenues cropping up with online education. […]

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