Hoping For A Better Education System In Nigeria This Year!

Nigeria, a place where the education system is of a question mark forever! The learners in Nigeria are the ones who are deprived of quality education and being in the education field myself, I really feel bad that I am not able to do anything about it. Same as others, I am also hoping for a better education scenario in Nigeria and my hope is strong. Here, the primary school level, college as well as university level education is at stake. There are unending crises in the classrooms, no proper educators, poor educational resources, and what not! It seems that Nigeria was meant to be devoid of proper education.

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Last year, the strike of the ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities), literally blemished the education sector of Nigeria. Again, the killing of 45 learners in their sleep by a few gunmen on the 30th September of the College of Agriculture further affected the system. The state were blamed for its carefree attitude towards the security of the learners on campus and this further made people away from thinking about sending their kids there for getting a degree. The Federal and Government were questioned of allocating funds to the Nigerian education sector. According to the Government, however, 2013 was a year of highest number of financial aid being given to the education sector of Nigeria. CBN says opposite to this. As per CBN, 1997 was the year which allocated highest funds with 17.59%. 2013’s allocation was only 8.70% as compared to 1997’s one.

Development of online learning in Nigeria

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It seems that with the dawn of online education Nigeria, the education scenario would improve a bit. The aspiring learners in Nigeria, who cannot enjoy a proper learning schedule, can now see a ray of hope with online education. Only with the help of a computer and an internet connection, the learners can now acquire a degree through online classes from various reputed universities worldwide. These courses are affordable, they are easily accessible and the best part is that the learners can get the most updated knowledge about their course.

With so much advancements in the field of education, it is now a known fact that getting a degree is not that strenuous anymore. One doesn’t need to attend hour long classes and skip other work to visit college. This works best for the candidates in Nigeria because the learners do not have the tension of relocating to a new place and yet they can get a degree from a well-known university so easily.

Not only for the learners who cannot afford has a regular degree from UK or US but these online degrees lent a helping hand to the ones who are physically challenged as well. All of these have made online education a very interesting aspect in Nigeria.

It is true that with the entry of online classes degrees in Nigeria, many learners will be able to fulfil their dreams of getting a degree from their preferred university that too at a price which they can afford. I really wish that the learning environment of Nigeria gets better in the coming years and this New Year marks a trend in the education system of Nigeria by promoting growth in the education sector of the nation and improving the scenario as a whole.


2 Comments on “Hoping For A Better Education System In Nigeria This Year!”

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