What Are The Benefits Of Online Learning In Nigeria?

We all are aware of the importance of education and we also know that each one of us has the right to enjoy an equally resourceful education environment. But in Nigeria, things are a bit difficult. There the learners are not able to enjoy quality education and there are a lot of reasons behind such an awful state.

The primary reason behind such pathetic education condition in Nigeria is because of the fact that there is inadequate financial support from the government. In the statistics of 1997 and 2000, it has been shown that the federal government have spent below 10% on education in Nigeria of the overall expenses. This is indeed shocking, isn’t it? We all know that every government should allow a steady flow of fund in preserving and maintaining proper education system of the country. But this was never the case in Nigeria.

In 2013, the government has, however, tried to do something for the betterment of the education system of the country. It promised billions of naira for the education sector as the Governor is really keen on improving the education scenario of Nigeria.

How Online Education Can Help?

Photo Credit: goo.gl/rVhFY3

Photo Credit: goo.gl/rVhFY3

Online education comes as a ray of hope for those who want to get an uninterrupted education experience, that too under a reputed university at a much lower cost. Due to the worst situation of universities in Nigeria, it is evident that a lot of students are slowly becoming aware of the importance of online learning.

There are a lot of advantages which an online learner can avail:

  • Flexibility: As the online courses can be carried out from home, the learners can enjoy flexible time schedules. He/ She can go through the online course materials whenever he/she is free. This kind of flexibility in studies is necessary for the learners who are also working professionals.
  • Affordability: The online courses are usually much affordable than that of a regular one. The online learners can save their conveyance costs, lodging costs and even they will not have to buy the study materials as well. Also, the online course fee is much lower than that of a regular one.
  • Globalisation: Being an online learner, a student can interact with different other learners from all over the globe. This makes learning easier as well as interesting as everyone incorporates their ideas about a certain topic. This kind of globalised learning isn’t possible in a classroom which consists of only a few learners.

A Few Benefits of Online Education in Nigeria

When I talk about online education, I make sure that my readers aren’t attracted towards any kind of online degree which is available on the internet. As a learner, one should make thorough research about the degree before applying to the same. There are a lot of benefits of online distance learning and a learner can enjoy it only when it is given by a reputed distance learning provider.

UK has been the educational hub for many years and a degree from UK is respected worldwide. Hence, an online degree from a well-known UK university can make dreams come true for the learners in Nigeria:

  • An online degree from a reputed UK university allows the student to save 60% of his/her overall course fees.
  • Excellent educators who are present 24*7 to help their learners. The learners can get in touch with them via phone, emails, video chats all throughout the day, whenever they are in doubt regarding a subject.
  • The online degrees will be accredited by the most reputed awarding bodies which in turn make the degrees equally important and relevant as the regular ones.

There is no doubt about the fact that the education system of Nigeria needs serious renovation. The government must be trying hard to do something relevant for the betterment of the situation, but why should the learners waste time till then? They can always carry forward their career goals by applying for an online degree of their choice from UK, thereby negating all the obstacles which are probable on their way in attaining the same from a regular Nigerian college/university.


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