7 Ways To Encourage Learners’ Participation In Distance Education

The technological advancements make it easier for humans to carry out different tasks without being physically present on site. Now, it is possible to perform multitasking without any hiccup. Technology, in particular, plays a great role in the education sector. E-learning has become the latest craze among the modern day students.

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/bqkJbx

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/bqkJbx

It is now easy for learners to acquire new traits without being physically present in the classrooms, though students’ participation remains must. The online institutions should ensure that learners are kept engaged and motivated all the time. Keeping the students engaged is the biggest challenge that hasn’t been cracked yet, though there are some ways that have worked for the learners as well as institutions.

Validation – Learners must choose to go with the champion organisation in the field of distance education. Studying in influential and well-respected institutions has bigger benefits in the long term. If learners realise that the organisation values their learning curriculum, they will be automatically inclined for it without any push. On the other hand, organisations providing distance learning should maintain their reputation and consider accreditation from a valid external body. One can enroll in the distance learning courses from UK universities, as they are universally recognised and accredited through valid agencies.

Introduction – Let the learners understand the expectations from them. Additionally, they must know about the learning outcomes and the purpose of every element of distance learning. The course guide must be emailed beforehand so that learners familiarise with the study module. Learners should also be made aware of the technical specifications required for the learning and the opportunities to install the apps, upgrades or relevant programmes before learning commences earnestly.

Motivation – Your involvement with distance learning must be connecting, rewarding, engaging and enjoyable. Learner should have a clear idea about what distance learning has to offer them. They must figure out the learning outcomes and their benefits at the beginning itself.

Design – It is true that motivation is the biggest factor but the learning design also plays a big role in encouraging participation in distance education programme. The appropriate and relevant technologies should be aligned to the learners’ behavioural factors. In case of different elements, the purpose of each element should be apparent from the beginning. The course content must be crisp and concise. Interesting, engaging and memorable content entices the participant to the hilt. Again, as distance learning can sometime be lonely, the courses should be designed keeping the elements of collaboration, peer review and tutor interaction intact.

Goal setting – Learners should be encouraged to think about their learning as well as career goals. The distance learning providers can integrate goal setting technology into the courses. Organisations should ensure that individuals are able to put into practice what they have learnt.

Tutor skill – A skilled tutor makes huge difference to the successful distance learning. It’s the job of tutors to set the ball rolling, set the tone and to maintain momentum of the course. Collaborative study techniques can be facilitated to draw attention of the participants.

International awareness – Organisations into the distance learning, if they have global presence, should be aware of language barriers, time zone differences and cultural differences. All these factors have an impact over the participation. Distance learning institutions should where their most learners are coming from and plan out the classes accordingly.

These are the drawing factors to encourage participation in distance learning. Students from Nigeria can now enroll in online courses from UK universities and hope for a bright career ahead.


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