Nigeria on the Threshold of Development with E-Learning/Online Initiatives

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Nigeria’s education system is changing for the better and it is changing radically. The increasing demand of online education is felt mostly these days with lightening speed enhancement and advancement in the realm of technology. The good news is many e-learning solution providers are finding enormous prospects all across the country. As a result, many e-learning companies are coming up with the idea of exploring the technology hub to raise global competitiveness.

The Big Picture


Touted as one of the biggest e-learning and e-business consultancy, The Learning Nuggets Company (LNC) is UK registered and has seen huge prospects across Nigeria. LNC’s Chief Executive Officer, Diana Dwamena, disclosed some interesting facts in a two-day show at the African Resources and Technology for Education. The purpose of the show was to unveil virtual learning products, various learning aids, ICT gadgets, online educational tools and content in and across Africa and Nigeria.

Dwamena made some interesting comments on the prospects of online education in Nigeria, “We are very excited. We believe that online learning or virtual learning/mobile learning is going to develop in the Nigerian market and we are looking for opportunities to work with institutions and organisations. People are interested in going online, although some of them have their reservations on whether government will be willing to help them. But we believe that with adequate awareness, government will buy into it.” Dwamena also stressed on the fact that for Nigeria to become globally competent, it has to embrace virtual e-learning.”

Though, the country is facing infrastructure challenges, the SEO of Learning Nuggets Company urged the government to integrate technology into the education sector. Thus, it is expected that Nigeria is going to witness many prospects in the coming years to come. (Source:

Seems, there are unending strategies to uplift the situation in Nigeria with education introduced in almost all facets of the social scenario.

So, what awaits more for the Nigerians?


In this context, one such news deserves a special mention. British ex-prime minister, Mr. Gordon Brown visited Nigeria to spread the benefits of education and its awareness to the elementary level. So far a lot has been said about e-learning and the advantages of virtual learning in the world of communication and technology. However, Mr. Gordon initiated a tactical step to reach education to all levels from root to the highest level. The good news is he has plans to allocate financial support for school buildings, teacher training, teacher recruitment, new technology with phones, tablets, online school courses, and so on.

Gordon says, “This is part of global initiative to get every boy and girl to school by the end of 2015.” He further added with conviction, “This movement will build a world where for the first time no boy or girl is denied their right to education.” His mission lies in tackling a deluge rate of Nigerian children who are already involved in the school system.”

Though still now there are a lot of children not adequately involved in education due to problems like child marriage, child labour and trafficking; it is expected that Brown’s plan to draw up strategy as a special envoy of the United Nations will definitely help to combat the problem. (Source:

A scrutiny of the above discussion bears the fact that education has a huge role to play in the progress of the country and distance education (whether you call it online or e-learning) has its reservation for people from all stratum. The ultimate motto is to enlighten people and piqué their sense of awareness for creating a potential force towards the development of Nigeria.


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