Choose your College with Chances of Employment in Mind

Distance learning is now a widespread phenomenon. All the students and working professionals who want to progress in their careers seek to complete their studies online so that their work is not disturbed. Online learning is growing in popularity by the day and the online colleges provide a plethora of subjects from which the student can choose.

With so many advantages, most students these days are opting for online college degree courses. Moreover, students from countries which are educationally backward, due to an infrastructure that is so weak that it cannot support higher education are extremely keen on studying online so that they can work towards a brighter future. Here is how online education or an online college degree can make a difference in your career.


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Take a Look at the Big Picture

A statistical study shows that 83% of employers think at online college degree are just as good as traditional college degrees. Employers want to recruit people who are competent and can perform. And performance does not count on the fact whether or not the college degree has been earned online or from a traditional institute.

Names Still Matter

When going through a CV, the employers always check to see the educational institute from which you have graduated and they always pick a ‘big name’ over the lesser know universities even if though the degree is the same. Therefore, it would be wise to take up the online degree courses that a few world renowned colleges and universities offer. If employers see the name of the university they won’t exactly care to check whether the course was studied on campus or online.

Accreditation is Still Essential

Employers always check whether or not you have completed your degree from a recognised or accredited college or university. If the college from which you have completed your course is not accredited and accepted globally, then your degree is as good as a blank piece of paper. So, before enrolling make sure that the college is accredited.

Time to Prove your Yourself

If you have completed your degree from a traditional college or university, then employers do not ask you to prove yourself the way they might ask an online graduate. Traditional institutions are decades old and have created a mark, the employers know what kind of professionals that institution create, however, online universities are only a few years old so they will constantly ask you to prove your worth.


Some employer’s thoughts about distance learning degrees are still very negative. They still are keener on employing students who have graduated from traditional colleges. However, the gap is closing as the popularity of online education continues to grow.

So, with the employer’s eye constantly on the educational institute on your resume, you must always take into account the pros and cons of enrolling in an online college degree programme. Online degrees are widely accepted these days but not always, so choose wisely.


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