Nigeria’s entrepreneur introduces online university

Gossy Ukanwoke, commonly known as the Mark Zuckerberg of Nigeria, has recently launched the first online university in the country. It is named as Beni American University and is said to be an aid for the diseased educational system of Africa. It is formed to make the people of the country learned and to give them an opportunity to reach their goals.

Gossy UkanwokeGossy said that he had always dreamt about opening an online university for his country and to help the countrymen gain better knowledge. For him, this invention happed in order to clear the logjam in the country’s education sector. Gossy, who is also the owner of the SCN (Students Circle Network), an educational social networking site for the learners, educators and the several institutions which brings about 10,000 academic materials for free in a global basis as well as shares them with other students and teachers, is quite positive about his invention.

There are a lot of issues prevalent in the educational system of Africa. There are universities but none of them are well-equipped with resources to serve the youths of the country. The infrastructure is not good and also to set up something new and impressive has been a challenge due to the lack of funds in Africa. There is an increased growth of unemployment as well. Thousands of young populace of the country don’t have a job. Hence, the advent of the online university is positive about negating every kind of constraints and challenges and making itself the best alternative for the countrymen. There is no end of learning in an online university. The most prominent educators are available from all over the world.

To quote a student of the online university, “I actually do my school work at my leisure time not at my work time, it allows me tojobs meet different people from around the world, I get to interact with students and lecturers and some seasoned lecturers from around the world, professors and all that. It’s good because I interact, I learn, I do everything and I don’t leave my house which makes it superb.” He believes that his life has become absolutely easy after joining the online university.

Duro Ajeyalemi, one of the professors of Science and Technology in the Lagos University, states that it is actually “a laudable idea” which will breach the gap between the interested learners and the education. Gossy Ukanwoke also believes that the unemployment rate in the country which has actually made Africa totally different from the rest of the world can be now mended with this online university. Also, the will of entrepreneurship should be there among all the youths of the country which will help them to do something concrete on their own.

Entrepreneurship can actually deal with unemployment. So, Gossy wants all to opt for the entrepreneurship degree from the university. This will make the whole country educated thereby bringing a good change in Africa.

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