UK Universities now Provide Fabulous Online Courses

World renowned universities from UK are now offering various kinds of distance learning online courses to students who reside in ‘educationally’ backward countries like Nigeria. Due to political disturbances, the educational infrastructure of Nigeria is weak and damaged. However, students from these countries can now study in college without having to cross borders. Distance learning courses offered by UK Universities are preferred by most students as online UK degrees are recognised globally.

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Here is a look at few of the courses that are provided by UK Universities and their features.

Some of the undergraduate courses provided are:

• Law
• Finance
• Business
• Management
• Marketing
• Business Computing
• Graphic Design
• Psychology
• Health and Social Care
• Tourism and many more.

If you want to study Law so that you can get a better understanding of legal principles, you can take this three year course and earn your LLB. Since this is a part-time course, you can also finish it in six years. The students should have three ‘A’ level passes, which are good or equivalents. Also, they must have an IELTS score of at least 6.0 if their first language is not English.

For a degree in Finance, a student needs, two good ‘A’ level passes or an equivalent, they should complete an Access Programme (or an equivalent) and get at least 6.0 in their IELTS if English was not their first language. This course will help students develop skills in financial accounting.

For a degree in Business the requirements are more or less the same as the Finance course. The course will help them acquire good skills in business disciplines, along with the understanding and application. These courses can be completed in three to six years.

For a degree in Marketing, again, the requirements are more or less the same as the Finance course. The course will help the students develop proper understanding of marketing strategy and planning and marketing communication. Again, the course can be finished in three to six years.

For a degree in Graphic Design, students require two good subjects in their A Levels or GCE or they should complete their Access Programme. A score of 6.0 in IELTS if first is not English. Work experience is required if qualifications are not met and should provide sample of their creative work.

The qualification criteria in all subjects vary from college to college but these are the basic features of online UK University courses. Post graduation courses are also provided by some universities but eligibility criteria must be met.


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