Advantages of Studying Online over Distance Education

Online Learning V/S Traditional Distance Learning

The advancement of distance learning in the world of education is stated to be an innovation that has helped careerist attain significance in both professional and academic arena. Such has been the advancement of the learning approach that it conveniently made way giving a miss to the idea of delivering education materials via post. After all, comfort and convenience stands as the major benefit of the online learning mode.

Now, if you seem to be in doubt about the aspects that give online learning a clear edge over conventional distance learning approach, here are your answers –

  • Convenience – Pursuing a course online allows the students to study from anywhere during anytime of the world without any hassle. From balancing academic endeavors along with professional responsibilities to juggling between multiple academic endeavors, the online educational approach allows it all. Additionally, the online learning mode also favors studying on the go.

  • Comfort – The online mode of education is also known to offer more comfort to students when compared to traditional distance learning approach. You can set a study schedule according to your own pace without the fear of matching up to the pace of other learners.

  • Accessibility – Since online classrooms can be easily spread across the globe, the accessibility is always stated to wide. Students can pursue an online course from any corner of the world at great ease. However, such a thing might not be possible with the idea of delivering course materials via post.

  • Affordable – An online course is also known to come at less costs than the traditional distance learning setting. Since, the online mode is free of establishment costs, the course fees also tend to be less than the conventional setting. All you need to access the course is internet connectivity and a laptop/desktop. This course saves the costs of books and other paper materials required in conventional distance learning courses.

Distance learning, in earlier times was entirely dependent on the postal delivery of course materials. However, with technological advancements, learning is made more convenient with the online support.



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